Monday, July 31, 2006

Indiana Wineries

Did you know that Indiana is the second largest producer of wine next to the state of California? That's one of the many little facts that Ryan and I learned during our little wine tour last year.

All this hot weather has had my tastebuds screaming for a good crisp wine. I have found that I like Chardonnay on a nice hot day. Surprisingly, however, I have learned that I am a big fan of dry reds such as Merlot and Cabernet. A lot of people are under the impression that they would prefer reds to whites just because they think it will be sweeter. That's not always the case.

This is a photo of the Carousel Winery Vineyard in Southern Indiana.........

Part of the beauty of a wine is the process that occurs before the wine ever comes close to the bottle. Have you ever had the pleasure of sitting near a vineyard and just absorbing the beauty around you? There are several vineyards around Indiana, especially in the Southern portion of the state. One winery that uses its own vineyard is the Huber Winery. The awesome part about the Huber Winery is driving onto the grounds through the vineyards. They will take you on a tour through the vineyards as well as the winery itself. Many other wineries use fruit that is provided from a seperate vineyard.

These are cabernet grapes from the Madison Vineyard......don't they look lucious!!!!

There is so much to learn about wine. I find the whole process fascinating. Although we haven't had time this year to go to any wineries, there are several close enough to make a one day trip out of it. So, Ryan may not realize it yet, but that's the plan for the next weekend we have off together. If anyone is interested in having me bring them a bottle or two from somewhere, just let me know.

This map shows all the wineries in Indiana.....


Andrea said...

The grapes picture is good enough to frame. Would look GREAT in a kitchen!

I have an idea!!! We should get all of our cousins to take a really awesome picture between now and Christmas and then we could draw names for each others pictures.

Pictures are super easy to print at CVS or Walgreens and cheap to frame if we keep it to an 8x10 or smaller.

If aunts want in on the action should we let them?

Whatta you guys think?

s-hooks said...

Sounds good to me!

enN2sp said...

That is a GREAT idea!

Jenny said...


Jenny said...

Is there a way to tell what wineries are where? I am curious about the one close to Lafayette. Any idea where it is or the name of it?

allison said...

The winery that looks close to Lafayette is actually in Monticello. There is a "sister winery by the same name in Rockville also.

Here is the website to the Terre Vin Winery

This website is a list of a;; the indiana wineries. You can find lots of info there, but if you look up a winery directly, you can sometimes find other pictures or details.

Happy Wine Hunting!!!!

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