Monday, July 31, 2006

Hoosier at Heart

You know you're a true Hoosier when you blog about your first sweet corn of the year.......

Yes, Ryan and I dove into our first batch of fresh sweet corn last night...Oh my gosh, was it good!!!!!

You're hearing this from one of the few people not ashamed to admit her love for the Hoosier state....after all, I AM the one who drove her car off the side of the road a couple years ago while gawking at the corn. I was SOOO excited because it wasn't even close to the fourth of July yet, and the corn was a lot higher than "knee high." So, yes, I drove off the road just enough to hit the deepest dip of the railroad tracks I was crossing and busted out BOTH of my passenger side tires and rims....that turned out to be an expensive country drive.

Anyway, I love to drive around the country and look at nature around me. I love to see everything change with the seasons. That's one of the best things about Indiana....and the sunsets. Oh, the sunsets are beautiful. So, if you don't feel like braving the heat for a glimpse of the sunset, here you go. These pictures were taken last Saturday on 400 E. on the way to Ryan's parents' house. I was gawking at the corn AND the doesn't get much better than that if you ask me.........


Andrea said...

Wow! I love your pictures!!! They are super clear and really awesome composition!

There must be something in our blood, I love a good drive in the country with my camera.

There's nothing better than that first bite of good ol Indiana sweet corn! YUM!! I haven't had any yet, but now I'm craving it!

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boneman said...

Yeah, and that ol' Steve came home with store bought chicken the other night and dove into the corn field across the street and sure 'nuff, came back out with two ears....we cut it from the cob, cooked it with onions and garlic and had it with the chicken.
Not as good as sweet corn, mind ya, but, very delicious anyway!

And, from the mind of a bloggin buddie....a blonde joke.

A blonde enters a store that sells curtains. She tells the
salesman, "I would like to buy a pair of pink curtains."

The salesman assures her that they have a large selection of
pink curtains. He shows her several patterns, but the blonde
seems to have a hard time choosing.

Finally she selects a lovely pink floral print. The salesman
then asks what size curtains she needs.

The blonde promptly replies, "Fifteen inches."

"Fifteen inches?" asked the salesman. "That sounds very
small - what room are they for?"

The blonde tells him that they aren't for a room, but they
are for her computer monitor.

The surprised salesman replies, "But Miss, computers do not
need curtains!"

The blonde says, "Hellllooooooooo! I've got Windoooooows!"

boneman said...

Jean, fellow alligator walker sent this to me the other day, and I was pretty sure you and Ryan would like it....

This explains why I forward jokes.

A man and his dog were walking along a road. The man was enjoying the scenery, when it suddenly occurred to him that he was dead.
He remembered dying, and that the dog walking beside him had been dead for years. He wondered where the road was leading them.

After a while, they came to a high, white stone wall along one side of the road. It looked like fine marble. At the top of a long hill, it was broken by a tall arch that glowed in the sunlight.

When he was standing before it he saw a magnificent gate in the arch that looked like mother-of-pearl, and the street that led to the gate looked like pure gold. He and the dog walked toward the gate, and as
he got closer, he saw a man at a desk to one side.

When he was close enough, he called out, "Excuse me, where are we?"

"This is Heaven, sir," the man answered.

"Wow! Would you happen to have some water?" the man asked.

"Of course, sir. Come right in, and I'll have some ice water brought right up."
The man gestured, and the gate began to open.

"Can my friend," gesturing toward his dog, "come in, too?" the traveler asked.
"I'm sorry, sir, but we don't accept pets."

The man thought a moment and then turned back toward the road and continued the way he had been going with his dog.

After another long walk, and at the top of another long hill, he came to a dirt road leading through a farm gate that looked as if it had never been closed. There was no fence.

As he approached the gate, he saw a man inside, leaning against a tree and reading a book.

"Excuse me!" he called to the man. "Do you have any water?"

"Yeah, sure, there's a pump over there, come on in."

"How about my friend here?" the traveler gestured to the dog.

"There should be a bowl by the pump."

They went through the gate, and sure enough, there was an old-fashioned hand pump with a bowl beside it.

The traveler filled the water bowl and took a long drink himself, then he gave some to the dog.

When they were full, he and the dog walked back toward the man who was standing by the tree.

"What do you call this place?" the traveler asked.

"This is Heaven," he answered.

"Well, that's confusing," the traveler said. "The man down the road said that was Heaven, too."

"Oh, you mean the place with the gold street and pearly gates? Nope. That's hell."

"Doesn't it make you mad for them to use your name like that?"

"No, we're just happy that they screen out the folks who would leave their best friends behind."


Sometimes, we wonder why friends keep forwarding jokes to us without writing a word.

Maybe this will explain.

When you are very busy, but still want to keep in touch, guess what you do? You forward jokes.

When you have nothing to say, but still want to keep contact, you forward jokes.

When you have something to say, but don't know what, and don't know how, you forward jokes.

Also to let you know that you are still remembered, you are still important, you are still loved, you are still cared for, guess what you get?

A forwarded joke.

So, next time if you get a joke, don't think that you've been sent just another forwarded joke, but that you've been thought of today and your friend on the other end of your computer wanted to send you a smile.

You are all welcome @ my water bowl anytime

boneman said...

Got m'new Smithsonian yesterday, and in it is an article about David Hockney, and guess what he has?

Are ya guessin?

OK, no.
Tell ya what, I'll give ya a clue.
He has two of 'em.

give up?

And, he paints them!
Well, he doesn't paint his dog.
Well, I dunno if he paints his "dog" cause, well, I don't even know him.
But, he paints pictures of his two weener dogs.

allison said...

I wanna know where to get some good weenie dog art!!!!!

Andrea said...

A quick Google Search on Weenie Dog Art produced .. well... Weenie Dog Art!!!!

Check it out!

Anonymous said...

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