Saturday, August 05, 2006

Another Good Man Gone

August 3rd, 2006 was the eight year anniversary of my dad's death........

Another Good Man Gone

Reluctant hero of the family,
His life played out like a tragedy.
A music man was all he claimed to be.

A flash of brilliance like a shooting star,
Etched in your mind for as long as you are.
Give him five minutes and you can feel the music in his heart.

Bringing joy to everyone,
Taking pride in the work that he'd done.

But I never thought that he'd be gone,
I was hopin' there'd be just one more song.
Another man, another good man gone.
Another man, another good man gone.

Singing melodies that warm my cold.
Never fittin' in to a typical mold.
Takin' me back to the days of old.

Telling tales of life and places he'd been,
A prophet of sorts to his following kin.
Visit him once and you knew you'd be back, over and over
and over and over again.

You know we had a lot of fun.
All in all it was a hell of a run.
Remember how we laughed and how we cried.
Fifty three years till his heart grew tired.
But he left his mark just like a brand in iron.

Sometimes I can still hear the music play.
A warm wind blowin' all the clouds away,
Lettin' the sun shine bright in the sky on a cold dark winter day.
No one stays forever young.
Nothing's for sure but the rising of the sun.


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