Monday, August 07, 2006

"Happy Tails"

Sweet little Sammy boy (the foster puppy) went to his "forever family" last weekend. We were very lucky to find a retired couple who have a three level deck on the back of their house with a doggie door on each level. They also had a skipperke mix that looked just like Sammy....They loved eachother right off the bat. It wasn't as hard to see him go as I thought it would be...I'mvery happy to have helped him.

Our newest member of the foster family is a little chihuahua mix named Pablo. He's a riot. He literally stands on is front paws when he pees....he doesn't hike one leg, he hikes 'em both. I think he should be in the circus or something, but from what I've heard, the "carny life" can get rough at times....anyway, here are a few pictures of the little guy.

If anyone knows anyone interested in a little crazy mexican dog...send 'em my way!!!!


s-hooks said...

I want to see a picture of him peeing!!!!

Andrea said...

He's a cute ol boy!!

enN2sp said...

Paul is so cute. Pablo means Paul
I want to see a pic of him peeing also.

TapeEar said...

He is so cute!!! I love chihuahuas!

boneman said...

Wow! Kinda looks like a mini GniGni
'cept she don't have the extra equipment.
But, hey, she lifts leg
and rules the roost here, and if the boys don't get over it, they can get bent!

Anonymous said...

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