Wednesday, August 09, 2006


August 9th 1995 was a sad, sad day for a huge amount of people.

It was eleven years ago today that our beloved leader of the Grateful Dead left us for what I'm sure has been another long, strange trip........

He is missed every day by all those whose lives he touched without having ever even met the man in person. He had an impact on people that has lasted decades, and continues to pull people into his world daily. I am always happy to see the Dead shows as a family affair. Not only will you see lots of kids in tye dye, their dogs following them at their heels, but you will also see the extended family formed by the fans with a true appreciation and love for why they're there.

I have a saying that I use a lot...."Icame for the music, but I stay for the family."

I have met some of my best friends, and the most generous and kind-hearted people through music. It is truely a way of life for so many of us.



boneman said...

Din't realize
this was the memorial day that he dies,
but, tis also the day 95000 were so unlucky.
Aug 6 was the one
Hiroshima, THE bomb.
And on the ninth Nagasaki.

How sad to look back
on days that were black
I guess that's a human failing, eh?
Rather, look back and see
the good things that be
around because of a good person made.

Like ol' Jerry's jams
And Aunt Rena's yams,
And Grandad's teeth in a glass by his chair.
Ma's trip t'Japan,
or the magic of my old man,
and the smile of Princess Diane, so fair.

The lives that were important
shouldn't be so dormant
'tis better t'celebrate the life that was living.
"leave the dead to bury the dead"
like a very smart man once said,
And the rest of us should just go about giving.

Anonymous said...

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