Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Go Cubs!!!

OK, I know I said I would blog soon about the Jonbenet crap, but I honestly forgot all about it this weekend while I was in Chicago. I need to read up on it, and then I'll post some opinions, because I know just how important my opinion is to me :-)

Anyway, Saturday was Ryan's birthday. Neither one of us had ever been to Wrigley Field, so he bought us Cubs tickets for his birthday. Yes, I said HE bought them. I offered to at least pay for my own seat since it was HIS day, but he insisted that since it was his birthday, he could do and pay for whatever he wanted...no questions asked.

We got to see the better of the two games this weekend against the St. Louis Cardinals. The Cubs won in the 10th inning, so it was a great game. I'm officially a Cubs fan now!! I got some pretty good pictures of the game..........
These guys were really cool. They stood outside the gates playing their horns for a long time before the game started. I liked it because it kind of reminded me of how the baseball games and atmosphere were portrayed years ago. Made me feel "All American" or something like that!!

These last two pictures are zoomed A LOT from our seats. These are the bleachers on top of the buildings across the street from Wrigley field. I'm sure that's no big deal to people who have been to games before, but I got kick out of watching the drunks on the tops of the buildings....who needs binoculars when you have a camera with 10x zoom!!! These folks were a great addition to all the other entertainment!!!


Andrea said...

Your zoom rocks!

The TapeEar said...

The Cubs are the best!!!!!!!!!!