Monday, November 06, 2006

Don't expect THIS in your re-gift bag.........

My "Chicken-Head" costume was such a success, that I think I might have to keep this re-gift.

I had no idea how much joy I'd get from the chicken hat, so I'm just warning the family.....I may not be able to part with it this year. Oh, but believe me, I've got some real gems for the re-gift exchange this year :-)
.........I don't think anything will beat the picture of Roberta or Andrea's bra!!!!!

Let's take a trip back to last year's re-gift exchange................Oh the memories!!!!

I also have a few other Christmas pics...might as well share now while I'm on the subject....


Andrea said...

Can't wait for the re-gift-a-thon this Christmas. Never know what will show up that's for sure.

I thought I'd die when I saw my bra show up in there. I have to hide stuff when I throw it away - or Rich will re-gift it.

enN2sp said...

This year it's gonna be great!

I have somethings my friend Becky gave me for my birthday that are GREAT re-gifts.

I can't wait for someone to get them.

s-hooks said...

Dangit! I brought some good stuff last year, but it never got brought in at Aunt Jill's. Now, I know I took it back in the house when we got home...I gotta find it (who am I kidding?) :0 One thing I had in it last year was a picture magnet of one of my friend's kids!! Weird, since Allison brought a picture of Roberta!

I need to start early this year on our re-gift bag. Y'all know I got tons of absolute JUNK laying around!!!!!!! :) I love the re-gift-a-thon!!!!