Thursday, January 11, 2007

Jell-o Pudding Pops

Who was it that blogged about the pudding pops...was it Rosie??

I have been buying them at Marsh. For some reason when I ripped the wrapper off that delicious chocolatey treat, it hit me that someone in the family had been looking for them. Did you ever find them??

Well....they're back!!! I found a website about their return. I think it was written in 2004. I knew I wasn't crazy!!! Check it out!!!


Anonymous said...


I thought it was Andrea...wasn't it?!

Andrea said...

I blogged about Welch's juice pops (which by the way - I can't find ANYWHERE now). I think we got on the subject of pudding pops from there.

Those are DANG delicious! I'll have to look for them!

enN2sp said...

Yes, It was ME!

I'm NEVER on that side of town.

allison said...

I'll have to see if I can find the Welch's juice pops now...I'm on a mission!!!

Anonymous said...

Well, not that I'm a particular fan of 'em, but, my icecream bar senses made me come visit today!

However, after licking the computer screen for several minutes, I can tell you a couple things fer sure....

#1 You can't taste it if there ain't no Taste-o-Matic installed.

#2 I'm in plenty of trouble if I don't clean Steve's computer screen.

allison said...


You're back....where the heck have you been??? I see you have a blog called "Walking on Dogs" now.....very interesting :-)

allison said...

Hey Andrea!!!
I haven't found the juice pops anywhere in real life yet, but in the world of cyberspace there is always an answer.

I found a recipe to make your own Welch's juice pops:

1 11.5-oz can of Welch's Frozen Juice (any flavor)

2 cans of water

Thaw Welch’s Frozen Juice (remember, you can thaw Welch's plastic cans in the microwave). In a medium pitcher, combine the juice with the water. Mix well. Pour into molds and freeze. Makes 16-20 servings.

OR, if you function more like me, you just have to stick it in the ice tray with some toothpicks or something :-)