Saturday, January 06, 2007

Queen of Procrastination

I have officially dubbed myself "The Queen of Procrastination."

Anyone who knows me, knows that I'm not one to hurry.......ever.
Well, my bad habits came back to bite me right in the butt a couple weeks ago.

I have to have a license to operate x-ray equipment from the State Dept. of Health. It expires once a year, and I have to pay a fee to get it renewed. Mine was due on November 20th. I mailed it right before we left for our trip to Atlanta on Nov. 15th, thinking that 5 days was plenty of time to get to Indy. Well, I thought wrong...............

A few days before Christmas, one of the ladies from human resources hunted me down with a letter in her hand from the Dept of Health stating that my check was received on Nov. 21st (one day late) and I could not work again until they received the late fee. So, I clocked out, ran home, wrote a check, and paid $15.00 to have it overnighted to Indy. That was a Wednesday. On Thursday, I called to confirm that they had gotten my check only to find out that they were closed until the Wednesday after Christmas.........oh crap.........

So, after a week of not working, on Wednesday Dec. 27th, I called again only to receive a voice mail. I tried three more times that day and never talked to a real human being. The next morning, I woke up, and first thing, I called them again. This time I get a voice mail saying they are out again until Jan. 3rd.......oh crap AGAIN!!!! That's another week away!!!

I decided to call the bank to see if the check had cleared. It had. So, I called my boss and had him check into it for me. Apparently, even though the check had been cashed, it hadn't been "processed" yet, so I still couldn't work.

So, finally, after two weeks off, and after using every second of Paid time off I had, I'm back!!!!

It was nice to have some time off around the holidays, but I felt really bad, because other people had to cover my shifts and my CT call while I was off. Plus, the middle of December isn't exactly when I was planning on using up all my vacation time.

Regardless, everything is taken care of now, and I'm legally operating x-ray equipment again. It never felt so good to walk into work as it did this past Thursday on my first day back. Slowly but surely, my vacation time will build back up, and I will be able to take a real vacation by summer, but man, that sucked!!!! I don't know how else to word sucked!!!

So I have decided that it's official.......


Andrea said...

All Hail the Queen!

That sucks you had to take your vacation time. At least it got turned around pretty fast!

Jen said...

I wondered where you had been lately. So, I guess that answers my queston about what you did on New Years. I'm sure that you took a road trip to St. Louis. Do you have pictures that you are going to post on your blog>

allison said...

I bought a new battery just for the trip ....and I took absolutely ZERO pictures....loser....but we had fun anyway!!!!