Sunday, March 25, 2007

Free Fun!!!

Despite the fog last night, I made a late night trip to Indy to meet up with Ryan and several friends of ours to see a concert....imagine that :-)

I had to work until 11:00, so I knew I'd be catching only the last half of the show, but it was free, and I knew they'd play until about 2:00, so I figured I might as well go join the fun. I got there late....but I was there!!!

We went to see a band called One Under. Two of the members are former members of Ekoostik Hookah. That's how they hooked us. Ed Mcgee, the lead singer, used to write many of the songs for E.H. They don't play those songs anymore...because in a sense, they belong to Ed. So, seeing One Under is nice for those of us who miss those old "Ed songs."

When I first walked in, I was worried, because I didn't see any bongo drums or percussion instruments set up. My first thought was "Oh no!! Johnny has left us again!!!" But, come to find out, he wasn't there because his baby daughter was just born yesterday. OK Johnny, I guess we'll let this one slide :-)

I will always claim Ekoostik Hookah as my favorite, but it's really nice to go see another good jamband...especially a band who plays a lot of free shows!!!

In the middle of the show, the guitarist just rushed off the stage after one of their songs, and never came back. My guess is that he got sick or something. Who knows, but the show must go on...and Ed Mcgee has never been accused of not being able to hold his own when it comes to putting on a good show. I personally thought it was a great show even though we were missing two band members.

I wouldn't really miss the guitarist if he were gone for good ( Not to sound rude) because in my mind, there will NEVER be another Steve Sweney (EH's guitarist,) and I'm used to hearing Steve playing guitar on a lot of those songs. There's no comparing him to anyone out there right now....and no one will ever be able to fill his shoes in my eyes. I guess I should lay off and give the guy a chance, but I'm just sayin'....there WILL NEVER be another Sweney.....(Kellyanne, you understand)

After the show, we stayed with our friends Matt and Liz. Kellyanne and her husband, Dave, came over too. We had a lot of fun. I got to hang out by my first bonfire for the year!!! You guys know how I love to burn stuff!! (I'm not a pyromaniac...I promise) But, I've been known to burn a couch or two in my time :-) We also played a game of Apples to Apples. It is so much fun. I HAVE to bring it for the next family'll make you laugh until your cheeks hurt!!

I was a lazy little girl when it came to getting up this morning for breakfast. I feel kinda bad for missing out on that, but I didn't make it to bed until after 5:00 AM, and they were all ready to go at about 10:00....No Way...No How!!!! I asked Ryan if he was crazy when he asked me if I was getting up to go with them. I am glad that I slept in a little though, because work hasn't been nearlly as bad as it could've been had I been half asleep all day.

Anyway...just wanted to share some pics with everyone.....

Here's Kellyanne and me and Liz.....don't they both have the most gorgeous blue eyes?!?!?

This is our buddy Jamie....he just got his head shaved for his job....he's been a guard up at Grissom for awhile, and just got promoted to a lieutenant, and decided he needed to shave his head to look tough....crazy boy!!!!

This is my friend TeShannah.....she lives two apartments down from cousin when I visit one, I visit them all!!
Then, there's my baby with his beer by the fire....I don't think he could've been much happier at that point :-)

Thanks to Matt and Liz for putting us up for the night!!! It's always a great time!!!!


KellyAnn said...

I had so much fun Saturday night. I don't blame you for not getting up, if I had to work at 3pm I'd have slept in too. But I just took me a nap when we got home. I was wore out.
I really didn't miss the guitarist, but it sucked that Johnny wasn't there. You know he's my favorite. But like you said I guess we'll have to let it slide since he had a baby and all ;)

KellyAnn said...
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s-hooks said...

Two of my fav words--FREE & FUN!!!

Andrea said...

Another fun night in the life of AlliGal! I didn't know it was foggy or you can bet your buttocks I would have been out taking fog pics that morning!

s-hooks said...

I totally thought about Andrea and her fog pics that night!