Saturday, March 24, 2007

Kickball Rocks!!!!

As mentioned in an earlier post, Ryan and I have joined a kickball league in St. Louis. Now, I know you're all thinking....St louis? Why the heck are they on a league in St. Louis....well, first of all, we have several great friends who live there, second of all, where else is there actually a league for kickball??? I haven't found one closer yet!!!
I think everyone knows we love to travel...even if it is just a four hour drive to St L for a couple games every Sunday. I have my first two games coming up next weekend....April Fool's Day. Ryan has made it to St L already and had the experience of playing an actual game, but I had other plans with Ekoostik Hookah when he went. So, next weekend should be interesting.
So far, our team is 0-6....yes, we have yet to win a game, but it sure sounds like everyone on the team has been having fun so or lose.
I will definitely be taking my camera with me for my first game, so hopefully I'll have some fun pictures to share soon. It sounds like it gets a little crazy sometimes. But, crazy in a good way :-)
I still have to review the rule book before I can play. I guess there are a couple weird rules that our team failed to read about before their first game, and we were all recommended by the refs and the umpire to refresh ourselves...he he he :-)
It doesn't seem like something that most people who are playing take too seriously. Of course, everyone wants to win, but I think there a re a lot of fun people there mainly just to have a good time. Some of the names of the teams are hilarious...just a few examples:
-A Team Named Sue
-Ball Busters
-Drinkers With A Kickball Problem
-Fear My Balls
-Kickin' Chicken
-Runs With Scissors
-Thunder Thighs
-Weapons of Grass Destruction
So, rather than try to describe it sincerely, I'll just paste a little piece from their website, which is incase anyone wants to take a peek.........
The creation of the St. Louis Kickball Association (SKA) got its start in late summer 2000 when a group of friends decided to create a permanent adult recreation kickball league in St. Louis.

Following the group’s participation in the annual Albers, Illinois Labor Day weekend Tournament, the group decided that kickball was too fun to only participate once a year.

So with that mind, the group, now the Executive Committee, created the St. Louis Kickball Association.

Sick of deadlines, conference calls, network problems? Do you wish you could return to the simpler times of elementary school when your biggest problems were whether you had cooties or if you were going to be picked last?

Do you long for the day when your problems were solved with 'rock, paper, scissors?' Well here's your big chance to relive the magic of preadolescence, without the threat of punishment from your parents and teachers.

Picture a warm fall (or spring) Sunday afternoon with the smell of mowed grass, drying leaves, and yes that big red rubber ball in the background. Wouldn’t you like to go back to those days, even for a few hours?
Doesn't it sound great, the way they've worded it???? I ALWAYS want to relive the magic of my preadolescence days.....who doesn't?!?!?


s-hooks said...

Love it! What WON't you do!!??!!

alli-gal said...

I WILL NOT jump off of a high dive.......

But I will jump out of a plane...weird, huh?