Thursday, March 15, 2007

obsess much????

OK, Everybody remember Brad...yeah, my high school boyfriend. We don't talk much, but uh, I don't think we'll be talking at all now. Here's my latest e-mail from him.

just mailed to say fuck you fair weather friend. i have called. talked to your boyfriend. no answer. sorry if i am sommering but i dont need you. leave me alone trash. u can only talk 2 me every couple of months. i dont need this shit. have a good life. brad

Guess I AM the hardest person I know to get ahold of.................


Jen said...

What a major asshole! I feel like writing him since you provided us with his email. I bet his sister and mom would like to read this. I might just have to tell them about it.

Why is he so pissed? Just b/c he can't get a hold of you? I'm sure that he has something really important to tell you too...NOT! What a freaking loser! He reminds me of Mandy. Maybe those two should go out on a date!

Andrea said...

Why does he want to continue the friendship anyway? What do either of you gain by staying in touch? An occasional hello and how ya doin?

Who cares about him. He needs to move and and you already have.

Actually the best way to get back at him is to ignore him. It obviously bothers the crap out of him when you do it so I wouldn't even grace him with a reply. He'll wonder why he didn't tick you off enough to make you reply and it will eat him alive wondering about it.

Keep on keepin on baby!

(However, if you want we CAN put a Voodoo curse on him and any unborn, future children.)

Andrea said...

Actually when you think about it...what a feable attempt to get a reply from you. Surely he could have done better than that??????


Andrea said...

Can anyone tell me that "sommering" is?

Webster's Dictionary says it's not a word!

Was he drunk when he wrote it?

(now, that's a good joke if you check out his email address)

alli-gal said...

Yeah jen....I thought maybe Julie would like to see this...feel free to forward it to her...or maybe i will...I see her address on your stuff sometimes...I've thought about saying Hi sometime

alli-gal said...

Oh yeah ...the e-mail address is just probably sober off of crack...that doesn't mean he's sober from everything...and I'm not sure what sommering is.

i actually did send him a short reply...i couldn't help it. Here it is:

well friend...I happen to be at work tonight (it's 2:45 AM) and have been here for twelve hours and I'm really not worried about this shit right now.

Sorry if I'm not home, or may be in bed when you call. I happen to like to turn my ringer off occasionally as well, but I'm not sure why I should explain myself.

I hope your life is good too...thanks

enN2sp said...

Doesn't he know taht you HAVE A LIFE and WORK your butt off?

Sound's like he needs a life and get off the drugs or the booze he's on.

KellyAnn said...
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KellyAnn said...


s-hooks said...

freakin weirdo!