Friday, October 05, 2007

I really hope this shows up.....Nick and Ashley's wedding........

Our good friends Nick and Ashley got married a couple weeks ago, and I have been struggling with this blog to get something posted about here goes....................

These pictures are in no particular order...........These are the flower girls, Anna and Natalie....aren't they adorable!!!!!!Ryan giving his "brother bear" Nick, AKA the groom, a giant hug.....aaawwwwwwww.................Here is the beautiful bride, Ashley, shakin' it with our friend Jamie!!!The lighting really sucks here, but this is all the guys in the wedding party. L-R Ryan, Matt, Nick's brother Josh, Nick the groom, Justin another brother, Jamie, and Joe. There's me and my baby!!!!This is Ashley and her momma. You can definitely see where she got her hair!!!!!Ah, there's those handsome fellas again :-)Me and NickRyan and Nick celebrating!!!!!!!Ashley and her second mom, or so she calls her........I loved this woman, and I feel bad because I can't remember her name!!!!!!The girls in green were in the wedding party with me. I realized after it was all over that we never got a picture with my camera of all the girls........But, this is Chantel and Elise.Ryan is trying to rope someone into something..........................I couldn't resist to stop and take a picture when I saw Anna laying on her Grandpa's lap. Isn't that sweet?!?!?And, of course, Ryan had to break out some of the break dancing skills from his past.....just look at those chocolate locks flyin'!!!!!And what wedding reception would ever be complete without someone throwing in a little robot action :-)

Chantel rockin' her little heart out!!!!!

It was such a sweet wedding. The ceremony was quick, but not quick enough to keep me from getting a big 'ol lump in my throat. The tears never broke all the way through, but I almost broke down and cried.

What really got me was looking at Nick while Ashley was walking down the aisle with her dad. Nick looked so proud of her, but so close to tears. They were definitley pooling up there, but I don't know if any ever actually fell.

And believe it or not, everything went off without a hitch. (That's a funny phrase) No major disasters, no fires, no broken hips. It was a very successful and cheerful evening, and I think we all went home happy as could be to see our friends starting their new life together.

Congrats to you Ashley....incase you ever read this!!!! I love you guys!!!!!!

....................................And yes, once again, it seems that this post will not show up immediately after I send it through, so hopefully this will show up in the next couple days. I posted it at 6:24 PM Friday, Oct you care :-)


s-hooks said...

It's here! Saturday at 3:17pm :)

Fun wedding..I love the green!!

boneman said...

First off, I suppose everyone already noted that Ryan has more hair than the rest of the guys.
I mean ALL the rest of the guys!

C'mon, Ryan. Be nice. Donate yer hair to the wig makers....

Nah. Just kidding.

Meanwhile, I see from the ancient picture at Andrea's blog you've come upon ANOTHER birthday.
Dang! What'r y'tryin' t'do...
grow old or something? I thought you were going to stay young all your life.

(have you lived here all yer life?

not yet)

So, into the future you go, still a young thing of 27.

Sounds like y'all still rock the cieling down. Zat right?

KellyAnn said...

awww...... thank you for sharing

Andrea said...

Looks like a good wedding!! Love the robot and break dancin' shots!

enN2sp said...

Finally got through! Hurrrrraaaayyy!!!
The pictures look great, looks like you all had a GREAT time.