Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Nuns on the Run

St Joseph Hospital had a fund raising event a couple weeks ago that I chose to participate in. Of course, I was interested in helping the cause, but I was really excited when our boss told us he would provide costumes to those of us willing to participate. Appropriately, he got nun costumes for all of us :-)

The event was called "Nuns on the Run," and was a bed race with teams formed from different departments throughout the hospital. It was held to raise money for Project Access, which is a volunteer outreach program that assists qualified, uninsured residents with health-care services.

Along with raising quite a bit of money, we also made the front page of the tribune............

It was so much fun......I was the team captain for our team, and definitely the "Hype Girl!!" My mouth was running the whole time we were out there, whether it was me talking trash to our opponents, or screaming at the top of my lungs for my runners to PUSH FASTER!!!!!!! I actually got the easy job 'cause all I had to do was ride.

These are the pictures that made the tribune. There are many, many more, but I have yet to get them off of my camera.

Nuns on the run: Allison Gallo yells out encouragement to her nun-powered Rad Racers pushing a bed down the course, beating out the Gohil Bunion Busters in their quarterfinal match during the first St. Joseph Hospital bed races. None/KT photo by Shawn Knapp

Serious business: The Xraycers edge out the Duck Busters to move on to the quarterfinals during the first St. Joseph Hospital bed races. None / KT photo by Shawn Knapp

The races were single elimination, so once you lost, you were done. The X-ray department had two teams, and they had the races set up so we would possibly end up in the finals against eachother. That's exactly what happened. My team was the Rad Racers, and our opponents from our department were the X-raycers. The X-raycers beat us by two tenths of a second.....It was really close, and super exciteing, and I think it was really good for a lot of the people in our department. We don't do a lot together as one big group. It seems like the department is divided by shifts a lot of the time. It was great to hang out with everyone and get along and not be worried about anyone else. We were all there to raise money for a good cause, and have fun at the same time. It was awesome!!!

Here's a link to the article from the Kokomo tribune if anyone is interested in reading all the details:


Andrea said...

You would have been a great Nun AlliGal! Look how awesome you look in that habit!!!

Very cool event!

s-hooks said...

I saw that in the paper! Hilarious--were there any real nuns there?!

alli-gal said...

Yes, actually there were a few real nuns there. In fact, I'll have to find one of the pictures of her, but there was an older lady there with the big white habit that stick way out to the side like the flying nun.

She was invited from Indy to caome watch the fun, and apparently enjoyed herself quite a bit. I felt sorta bad when I first saw her because I didn't want her to think our costumes were offensive somehow.........

s-hooks said...

Cool! You gotta post that picture!!

Bitzky77 said...

Looks like a great fund raiser. Too bad you lost, but I'm sure it was fun. That photo with you screaming is great!