Monday, November 19, 2007

Hookah Run Night One, Grand Rapids, MI

This past weekend was one of the most fun weekends I've had in a long time!!! I started my weekend early, on Thursday, and headed up to Grand Rapids, MI for an Ekoostik Hookah show. My friend Kelly Jo lives up there in Rockford, which is only a few minutes outside of Grand Rapids, so I stayed with her.

I got to drive through my first snowstorm of the year when I got into Michigan. It wasn't bad, but it was snow....and I do NOT like snow!!!! I got to Kelly Jo's house at about 6:30, so we hung out for awhile at her house before the show. I played with her dog, Moonshadow, all night long. I love him!!!

We got to the show shortly after we thought the doors opened. Just as Kelly Jo and I were about to go order some food, the band started playing. That NEVER happens!!! If anything, they are usually running late.....we all just call it "Hookah time" when someone wants to know what time a show starts. So, we never got any food. We just ran up front and started dancing out tails off.

A friend from Chicago, Travis, or Nem as most of us know him, stayed with KJ that night too. He always sets up his recording equipment at the shows and records them. It's awesome to be at a show with him, because you can listen to it as soon as you get in the car afterwards. I really need to start pulling some strings with him, and getting copies of all these shows.

I liked this picture of KJ. She is always dancing and twirling around. She makes the shows so much fun!! She also hulahoops at any show where she can get in with her hoop. This venue wouldn't allow it though.
Here we both are rocking out together!!!

The show was great!! I got to hear a couple songs I had only heard once live before, so that was cool. The band also dedicated a song to a fellow from Grand Rapids who just passed away recently. That was pretty emotional for a lot of the kids who were there. He had been a close friend of theirs. I thought it was very special that they did that for a fan.
The ever-so-famous Steve Sweney. The man is not possibly from this planet. I'm pretty convinced of this...........
This picture leads into a whole series of photos over the'll see what I mean on some of the other entries from this trip. It seems a little ironic that I would photograph feet, considering how much I hate feet, but these bare boys belong to Dave Katz. KJ wanted a picture of his she got it!!!
Sweet ol' Cliffy on bass. I just love this guy!! He's sweatin' up a storm, but he's sexy as ever!!!
KJ looked so cute in her outfit she made. It was part of her halloween costume. She was "Canary Yellow" from Rainbow Bright.This is our buddy Travis (Nem) after the show at KJ's house. KJ fell asleep before we did. I sat up with Travis and KJ's hubby until almost 5:00 AM. KJ let me sleep until noon, and then we got up and started the trip to Indiana. About an hour and a half into our trip, we decided to stop and at a "Frisch's Big Boy" for breakfast. It was delicious!! It was a little ironic that we stopped there when we did, because Dan Mesnard, AKA Dan the Soundman, came in right behind us. He is the soundman for Hookah...hence the nickname :-) We decided we were all on a race to get to Lafayette where the next show was scheduled. We all had different places to stop in between. Dan was stopping somewhere in Ohio, Nem was going back to Chicago, and KJ and I had to stop at my house to get ready to go again. I'm pretty sure Dan the Soundman made it before we did. So, he won!!
Right before KJ and I made it back to my house, I decided to take a pic of the sunset. It was a beautiful evening. So, that made the last part of the drive really nice. Most of the day was a little cloudy until we hit Miami county, and then the sun poked through the clouds.....gorgeous!!!

................ready for another night of Rockin'!!!!!

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