Saturday, November 24, 2007

Hookah Run Night Three, Cincinnatti, OH

It's now time to review night three of last weekend's travels.......

After getting up and eating our biscuits and gravy, Dave, Kellyanne, Kelly Jo, Julie and I all piled into my car and headed to Cincinnatti Ohio. It was a beautiful day to drive, and we all had stories to tell of the previous nights, so the trip seemed like it was only an hour or so. Well, it seemed that way to me at least, but I wasn't crammed in the back seat with two other people and a cooler like the girls guys are troopers :-)

When we got into Cincinnatti, we started looking for one of three roads, either Central Parkway, Ridge road, or something else....I don't remember now, but those were the roads we knew had hotels on them that were fairly close to the venue. We didn't make any reservations or anything, we were just kinda wingin' it at this point hoping for an open room somewhere. Luckily, we came across Central Parkway, took the exit, and about a mile down the road, we found a little Budget Host Hotel. So, that became our home for the night.

When we got up to our room, the first thing someone noticed was the phone in our bathroom. The phone was not alone. It had a nice little bottle opener on the wall next to it incase you wanted to poop, talk on the phone, and drink a beer all at the same convenient. Someone called us late on that phone wanting to know if we wanted to was probably close to 3:00 AM by this time....but we were still having our own party, so Kellyanne politely declined the invite.

Here's Kelly Jo, Kellyanne, and Julie in our room before we left for the show.Here's a picture of "the girls" taken at Annie's. I look like I have to pee or something!!!
AAWWWWWW.......aren't they sweet....even though Dave is wearing a BEARS jersey....BOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

This is a little later in the night in front of the stage.
I think I had more fun at this Hookah show than most of the shows I've ever been to. A lot of that may be the fact that I was not designated driver that night, so I drank A LOT of wine, oh yeah, and a few shots of Jagermeister, and laughed and danced my ass off all night long. All of us who went together hung out up front together most of the night. The fact that we were all together made it even more fun. I really think the bands feeds off of seeing fools like us up front and having a blast. They were on fire that night. That whole venue was so full of energy and good vibes. It was awesome. I only wish Ryan could have been there with us. If he had gone, maybe he could have thrown my bra on stage instead of Kellyanne doing it......yes, I tried to squeeze that little detail into the middle of this whole thing, so maybe it will get overlooked if Sissy reads this or something :-).....hey, I was hot, my bra didn't fit good, and it kept creaping up my boobs until it would stick out the top of my it had to go...and where else would it go besides up on the stage?!?!? Funny thing is, they gave it back :-) Yeah, they knew it was mine, threw it out into the crowd, and Dave gave it back to me.....oh my God, I can't believe I actually posted that for all eyes to see....but hey, I'm not trying to hide anything here :-) I'm a little crazy sometimes. It's in my genes :-)
I liked this picture because of the way the blues lights are reflecting off of Dave's guitar.You can always count on Cliff for a good laugh. I'm not even sure how it started, but I kept taking picture of everyone's feet. When Cliff noticed I was doing this, he pulled up his pants legs to show off those sexy socks of his!!! This may have something to do with why Kellyanne threw her socks up was after the bra incident, so who knows :-)
These next couple pictures were taken after the show. This is Dave Katz with Kellyanne and me.Of course, you all know I had to bug Eric after the show. He's my favorite drummer in the whole wide world...and he knows it, so he just expects to be bugged by me when he sees me. It's just a known fact. But I don't think he really minds.
After a mind blowing show, I think the band was ready to start partying like the rest of us had been doing all along. We stuck around for awhile after the show talking to people and playing paparrazzi. Finally, we sat down with John Mullins (the lead singer), and finished our last couple drinks of the night. This is me and my favorite muffin......That's what we call Mullins, so that's what I named that picture. Security actually had to ask us to leave because there was no one else left inside except us and the band. So, I pulled myself away from Muffins and we headed out to catch a cab.

While we were waiting for the cab, we called Ryan to let him know what a great show he missed.....oh yeah, and to let him know we were all safe. I missed having him there with me. But it didn't keep me from having fun.

We got back to the hotel, and we were all starving. So, Julie and Dave decided to go down the street to White Castle for all of us. They came back with bags full of a little of everything from there. We had a giant White Castle feast before we all headed to bed. It was awesome, and truthfully, I think the White Castle food is what saved me from having a huge hangover the next morning. I'm not used to drinking much, so I just expected to wake up sick, but thanks to the chicken rings, I woke up feeling like a million bucks!!! I was ready to hit the road.

So, we all piled back into my car and headed back to Indiana. Everyone except Dave slept part of the way home. Dave was a trooper with me. When I got home, it was time for bed. I think I crawled into bed at about 4:00 PM sunday, got up at 10:30 in time to see Ryan after work, and went back to bed at midnight. I finally feel like I have caught back up on my I'm ready to do it all over again!!!!


Jen said...

You and your crazy adventures! I'm glad you all had such a great time! Thanks for meeting us last night to see The Fins. They always put on a good show!

Andrea said...

That bra story is so funny! Only because they threw it back to you! What a riot!

s-hooks said...

Another great adventure--I like the "hidden part."

Yeah, that was good that they knew who's it was!!!!