Monday, November 19, 2007

Hookah Run Night Two, Lafayette, IN

These are Steve Sweney's magic alien hands.................and his magic alien guitar that makes sounds like no other :-)
After driving four hours to get home from Grand Rapids, I was just in time to start getting ready for the next show in Lafayette at The Lafayette Brewing Company, or LBC.
Kelly Jo followed me from Michigan, and we pulled into West Middleton at about 5:00. Plenty of time to shower, make a few phone calls, and round up our friends who were tagging along. After all the loose strings were taken care of, Julie, Aaron, my nieghbor Marcus, Kelly Jo, and I all piled into Aaron's car and he drove us to Lafayette.

Chad and Jen were there just hanging out getting a couple coctails before the show. They didn't go to the show, but we got to see eachother briefly before I went upstairs, so that was cool. There were so many people there that I knew, I kinda felt bad because I didn't get to talk to everyone as much as I would have liked to. Regardless, I managed to have another great night!!!

We all grabbed a bite to eat before Ekoostik Hookah came on. The food the the LBC is awesome!! There's some kind of weird boiled eggs called scotch eggs that a lot of my friends get when we go there. I stuck to normal things like cheesy potato munchers and whatnot. After filling up on delicious bar food, we headed up for the party!!

I really enjoy going to shows at the LBC. The dance floor is pretty big, and when enough people get moving, you can feel the floor rumble under your feet. It really is an awesome feeling. The bass drum rattles through your chest like thunder. It gives me chills just thinking about it. It's one of those situations that makes you sit back and think about how good it is to be alive and able to FEEL so much. I don't necessarily mean that in just a literal sense either.
Ryan had to work all weekend, so the LBC show was the only one he was able to attend. I missed him at the other two shows. This picture was shortly after he got there. That's Kelly Jo with us. He actually made it a little earlier than I expected, so that was a nice surprise.
I caught Eric's attention to snap this pic in between songs. He is so much fun. I got a drum stick from him after the show....I wonder if it's one of the ones he's holding....hhhmmmmmmmI love taking pictures at the LBC because you can get literally inches away from the band. In fact, there were a couple times I felt like I was too close. Like I was invading their space or something....but that didn't stop me :-) This is John Mullins on guitar. He has gotten familiar enough with me and Ryan that he always approaches us now. (He was the one who re-joined the band last year) That makes me feel good...I don't have to be that annoying fan chasing after him all the time now. Although, not much stops me from hunting these guys down after the shows anyway, but he just makes it a little easier!!!Good ol' Dave Katz....I love this guy!! Some would say he is the heart of the band. Very playful and positive, always smiling, and ready to blow us away. He was actually hiding behind his michrophone on purpose when I took this picture. I was crouched down in front of his keyboard trying to get a good shot through the crowd when he noticed me.Luckily, Dave gave in and came out from hiding and I got a good one of him laughing at me.......That may have had something to do with the fact that I was flipping him off while I was snapping that pic with my other finger :-) Either way, he looks like a happy man, huh?

We got lots of great songs that night. They covered "Hush" by Deep Purple and tore it up!!! That whole building was rockin' by the time they finished that song. They were in the moment for sure on that one!! I was sweating so bad from dancing by the end of the night, that I bet I lost five pounds.....that's my kind of exercise!!!!

Here's Kelly Anne and Ryan at our house.

Several of our friends came back to stay at our house after the show, so we stayed up and continued the party until almost 6:00 AM. I cracked a bottle of wine when we got there and began to catch a little buzz. I stayed sober at the show incase anyone needed a designated driver. But the Shiraz was deliciously waiting for me when I got home :-) So, by the time some of these photos were taken, little ol' Alli-Gal was feelin' pretty good :-)Kelly Jo, Julie, me, and Kelly Anne.....Yep....feelin' good...............That just happens to be the name of one of my favorite Hookah songs that has an awesome drum solo. I love it when my man Eric gets his time to shine :-)
I'm pretty sure I took this picture this way on purpose, although, I'm not sure what my thinking was at the time :-) Regardless, it's a cute one of Kelly Jo, and one of her skirts she made.

After a few hours of sleep, I managed to drag myself out of bed. Surprisingly, I felt pretty darn good when I woke up. So, I sent Julie to the store to buy sausage and milk and made a huge pan of biscuits and gravy for everyone. Aaron took off early, so he missed out on that. There's still enough left to feed probably at least six people, so if ya'll want some....come on over!!!!!!!

Hookah Run Night Three.....coming soon..............


s-hooks said...

WHEW! You wear me out!! Looks like a great time!

s-hooks said...

Hey! Will we see you at Thanksgiving? I hope you don't have to work.

KellyAnn said...

WOOHOO..... This has been one of the best weekends. When's our next trip?