Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Brewin' Again

This past Sunday was another fun day for Ryan and Matt!! They started the next step of their brewing process. They started out by cleaning the bottles they would soon be filling. They had to mix up some kind of cleansing concauction so soak the bottles in first.
Matt is preparing to rinse the bottles.
Here, Matt is rinsing the bottles in the cleanser, and next they will go on the bottle tree.
This is the bottle tree. It is used to let the bottles drip dry so there is no residue or lint from using anything else.
This is the glorious Ale Pail that has been sitting in the garage for two weeks. It has a small valve on the top that has been letting carbon dioxide escape while the fermentation process was happening.

Be careful if you ever get into my garage.....you just might drown........................

This was an exciting part of the day.........after two weeks, we were finally able to open the bucket and see what had been going on in there all this time!!! ......and this is what we found!!!!! eewwwwww......looks nasty to me!!!!!

I thought it smelled awful, but Ryan and Matt thought it was awesome. It burned my nose and my eyes.

They siphoned the beer from the first bucket into this bucket to get rid of some of that junk floating around in there. Then, they siphoned it a second time for the same reason.

After they sucked all the brew out, this is what was left. It stunk. But, once again, the boys thought it was awesome!!!!This is the second siphoning run. After this, they added the sugars to carbonate it.
TeShannah and I prowled in and out of the garage all day. Every once in awhile, we decided to help a little. TeShannah handed the boys the bottles when they were ready to fill.........
This is Matt's ginormous hand squeezed into a normal man-size glove, filling the bottles. The tube the beer flows through has a valve on the end that blocks the flow unless there is pressure on it. So, when you push, the beer flows. When you let up, it stops.Once each bottle was filled, we had to cap it.
This is the tool that is used to hold and compress the caps. It holds them with a little magnet.
You just set the cap on top of the bottle and compress each side. It's that simple.
I even got my hands in on that part. The deal is, I have to drink the beer I capped.........we'll see :-)
I thought I had to push real hard....that's what I'm doing here. But really, I could have broken the bottle doing it that way. Luckily, we only lost one bottle out of two cases because of that.
TA DA!!!!!!!!!!
So there you have it.....the first official West Middleton Whammer Ale will be ready to drink on December 22nd. I'll let you know how they did!!!!!


Andrea said...

What a process!!!!! Have you ever been to the Budweiser plant in Columbus Ohio? The RLS office was right by that place...always smelled weird over there. Musta been something like how your garage smelled once the ale pail was opened.

Wow, it looks gross to me, but hey, looks like a good winter project too.

Love the name West Middleton Whammer!

s-hooks said...

Ewwww, that looked totally gross!! The capping part looked kinda fun, though. Love the name too!!!

alli-gal said...

I've never been to the Budweiser plant, but I have been to the Anheuser Busch Brewery in St loius. It was really cool. We got to see the clydesdale horses and teh dalmations that are on the sleighs in the Christmas commercials out right now. That was my favorite part....go figure :-)

enN2sp said...
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enN2sp said...

Hey Brent said to "bring some to Christmas at Jill's he wants to try some". I said "he can't do that Grammy is goin' to be there" He said "SO, Robbie use to take beer to her house".

anyway he would like to try it.

Zeppellina said...

What a great post!
It was good to see the process, and it looked like great fun too.
Liked the bottle tree!

The best bit will be trying out the finished ale..!

Jen said...

Yeah, he should bring some over to my mom's. I know that Chad would enjoy one. He would even pay Ryan for his hard work.

KellyAnn said...

looks like they had alot of fun, hope it turns out good

alli-gal said...

I'll see what I can do about getting a couple bottles to Christmas. We only have two cases, and you wouldn't believe the number of people who have asked for it already.

.......but don't worry everyone......there will be more where that came from!!!

boneman said...

Kind want to tell everybody
Goldfish bowl (wee fish)
a baby lamb (ewe)
a girl horse (mare)
some herons (egrets)
and a moose (not Bullwinkle, even though I'm a big fan.
So, repeat that two more times and end with an ear hopping along the ground and you have:

Wee Fish Ewe A Mare Egrets Moose
Wee Fish Ewe A Mare Egrets Moose
Wee Fish Ewe A Mare Egrets Moose

and a hoppy new ear!

alli-gal said...

Bo....you're crazy!!!! Happy Holidays to you too!!!!