Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Photo contest

Hey everyone!!!! Just wanted to ask you all a favor. Go to this link: https://www.picture.com/voteforme/photovote1.asp?PID=2114841 and please vote for my picture called "Trowing Fire." It was chosen to be in a coffee table book that I will receive in a few weeks. It's copyrighted, so I thought that was cool.
I think this website prints almost all the pictures they receive, because they come out with a new book pretty often. Regardless, it will be cool to have something that I did in print.
Thanks in advance for your votes. If I win some cash......thanks!!!! :-)


KellyAnn said...

Done!!!!!!!! Good Luck!!!!!!!

Olive_12 said...

I voted a 10!
That's a neat picture too!

boneman said...

sure and I voted fer ya lass.

However, I thought you said the title was TROWING FIRE (like as in the rock'n'roll dude, Robin Trower) and I thought that was a close-up of his hand, and all I could think of was, wow. How hard it's gonna be to throw the finger withut that finger....

boneman said...

I cruise you tube fer good stuff to put on my other blog "What to watch on a cold winter's day when the tv is broke"
and I found a passle of weiner dogs dressed in banana suits.
(the link to said blog is at the bottom of my "great friends" list on the sidebar.)

(ps, there's also a dancin' seagull halfway into the video)

Andrea said...

I voted!!