Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas lights at We Care Park

Mom and I took a little cruise through We Care Park just before Christmas. It was awesome!!! I can't believe the amount of lights these people put out. It's really an awesome thing that our community does this. Aside from the We Care auction, and raising money here at the park, I think it is very heart warming to know we have a community willing to open up and decorate their yards for us to gawk at. Personally, it would drive me insane having people trucking through my alley for two months through the winter. BUT, it is all in the spirit of Christmas, so who can blame them? Thank God there are still people out there with enough Christmas spirit left to do this for us.

Even though it is a short ride, it is absolutely amazing. There is Christmas music playing over several loud speakers. I always roll my windows down and crank the heat up on high so I can listen. They have a path so that people can also walk through the park if they want to....another thing that would drive me insane......but, I'm sure glad they do it!!!! It blows Highland Park's display out of the water!!!
Mom loves these little displays with moving figures inside them. She says they remind her of Christmas when she was a kid. They used to have these displays set up in most of the store windows in Germany for the holidays. She also said that most people don't decorate the outside of their homes at Christmas in Germany, only the inside. The outdoor decorations are more for businesses and advertising. I thought that was interesting.
It's always good to spend some quality time with Mom around Christmas. I feel like we have made up for a lot of lost time over the last few years. We do things together that we might have done when I was a kid if she had been able. Now, I take her to do all the things I wish we could have done together when I was younger........better late than never, right?


Andrea said...

We Care Park is very cool. I love looking at Christmas lights. We drive by houses and say "MAN" or "WOMAN" based on how the decorations look. We think we can tell if a man did it or if a woman did the decorating.

I'm so happy your mom had made such strides in her life and you're able to spend quality time with her now.

I remember taking you to look at Christmas lights when you were a kid. I know we could never replace being your mom or dad but we loved having you around and tried to make your life as stable as possible for you (besides that bowling ball and hairbrush incident that is).

We always felt like you were our kid and that we just loaned you to your dad and mom anyway! :)

Do you remember loading up the car with Kevin, April and Angie Cox and driving around town? We were on the square when Kevin threw this HUGE wad of gum out on the pavement. It was so gigantic we drove around the block a bunch of times laughing about it. It was so stupid but it still makes me laugh!

alli-gal said...

I remember going out to see Christmas lights lots of times when I was a kid. I don't remember the gum incident, but it sounds like something we would have thought was hilarious!!!

I never felt like anything was wrong with my situation when I was a kid. I always felt loved, and I am so grateful for all the time I spent at your house, Andrea. It was my home too, and I always knew that.

It wasn't until I got a little older that I realized how much I missed with my mom. Especially now that my mom is doing so well, I feel like I need to do it for her more than I need to do it for myself. I always had someone there to fill what was missing with my mom being gone.....Mom didn't have anyone there in my place.......

s-hooks said...

Your mom, I'm sure is busting with love for you. And she's delighted to see how great you've turned out, and loves every minute she gets to be with you now.

Don't dwell on the past. Do much for your mom now while you can. You'll both have lots of great memories that way.

Moms WANT:
1. to have lots of good times with their kids
2. to know that their kids are safe the rest of the time

I can say this b/c I'm a mom!

I mean, can you imagine feeling any less about something that used to live inside of you and you've had to let it go AGAINST YOUR OWN WILL!?! :)

KellyAnn said...

the lights are beautiful,I would love to see that

alli-gal said...

Oh s-hooks, I try hard not to dwell on the past...... and I don't mean to make it sound like that's what I'm doing. I'm living in the moment the best I know how, and part of that is spending time with my mom. We all know time is precious, and you never know how much you, or anyone else may have.

I feel very fortuante to have had the chance to have very special relationships with each of my parents. I've been very blessed.

Cayla said...

Good words.