Thursday, December 07, 2006

Before and After

I have finally finished painting and redecorating the other spare bedroom!!! Joy Joy Joy!! One more project down....only about a million to go!!

Just thought I'd share some before and after pics with you!! I only got two "before" pictures...but you'll get the idea. it wasn't near the nightmare that the other bedroom was, but it still wasn't fun...............


I've been looking for orange stuff to fill up this room. That's a really hard color to find things in......Still gotta get curtains. I just have a blind on one window, and a blanket on the other for now!!
I found the orange couch at Goodwill, of course :-)
Much to my surprise, when the guys at the store started to carry it out for me, I found out it's a hide-a-bed!!!! Yeah!!! That makes it even better for when we have overnight guests!!
The walls are painted a blueish grey color, but look more purple here....I really like the contrast of the orange and grey together!!
I even found an orange footstool at a rummage sale this past summer. It all started with the orange table lamp in the corner....I've been on an orange hunt for awhile now!!! I also bought the floor lamp used....imagine that :-) I think I got it at Salvation Army. Even the nightlight in it still works, and it has this cool little foot swith for the nightlight........What a great bargain!!!! I think I got it for about two bucks!!!

We have a big bookshelf we have yet to make room for in there...but eventually, this will become our music and reading room.

I know my taste in colors is a little different, but I like it.....hope you do too!!!!!

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Andrea said...

I love bright colors!!!

Wow what an improvement from the rainbow wallpaper!

Isn't it a great feeling when you finish a project like that?