Monday, December 11, 2006

Christmas at my house

I love the holiday season!!! It is so nice that I have a boyfriend that enjoys it and is as enthusiastic as me about stuff like this. Our house is decked out with some lights and a few other fun little Christmas things!!!

Our neighbors probably all think we're satanists or something, becuase we have a weird little twist to some of our light this year. First of all, we have a "schwa" in our front bush made out of lights. A schwa is an upside-down lower case "e." It's a real literary symbol...couldn't tell ya what it does or when you use it, but it's real.....anyway, it's also Ekoostik Hookah's that's why we put it there :-)

Also, the candy cane lights that we bought were a real pain in the butt to hang up, so we just hung them upside down. So, now we have upside-down letters and candy canes displayed all over the place, and I can just imagine what the kids around the neighborhood are asking their parents........they're probably getting responses from their parents like, "don't worry, honey, it's just those people that like loud music and tattoos....we don't ask them questions." he he he

I'm excited to see everyone for Christmas since I missed out on Thanksgiving!!!! This shows our schwa in our bush!!!! This is my little mini tree in my living room......I like the shadow from the angel on top.


Jen said...

Isn't Christmas time the best!!

enN2sp said...

Allison thought you like to read this.


- Unstressed -
A reader asks about the word schwa.
Part your lips slightly and try making the easiest sound possible! You've now pronounced the vowel sound known as a schwa, the first letter of "About" and Occur, the second letter of "sUppose", the fourth and seventh letters of "aftErwArds" and the last letters of "brothER.". The schwa is an indeterminate (unstressed, neutral) vowel.

- The Symbol -
Schwa can also denote the phonetic symbol itself, an upside down e. Mail programs usually don't support the schwa symbol, or any of the other phonetic symbols for that matter.

- The Mystery -
A third, though unofficial, meaning of schwa can be a strange or unexplained occurrence. This meaning seldom wanders beyond the fields of sci-fi (science fiction), but who knows?

- The History -
Schwa arrived in English during the 16th century from the German form of the Hebrew "sh(e)va", which meant emptiness and/or vanity. Authorities speculate that "sheva" might come from the Syriac "ewayya" meaning equal. Equal to nothing?

allison said...

very cool Rosie....thank you!!!

Did you get my e-mail with Aaron's list??

might be too late....sorry!!!