Monday, December 18, 2006

Do you ever feel Crazy????

I am totally freaking out about the stupidest thing today.....I lost my orange purse. There isn't any money in it, a debit card, or my driver's license...I switched those to my small party purse for the concert the other night. But what's really driving me crazy is the fact that I know where it was last time I saw it, and no one else seems to know where it is. The only half way important thing in there is my work badge. I can get that replaced for the small fee of only $10.00, but until then, I have to pay cash for my meals here at work. I usually just swipe my card and it takes it out of my check....who knows, now maybe I'll realize how much I'm spending on food, and I'll be more aware when I'm buying that extra cup of ice cream after dinner.......

Regardless.....I feel like I'm going absolutely crazy!!! I have scoured that house from top to bottom. I have looked in the closets, in the cabinets, in the fridge, in the microwave.....I was hoping maybe one of us was sleep walking and just put it somewhere like that where we would eventually find it by mistake. But, NO, even after two days of searching, nothing.

I went home on my lunch break to continue the search....and no luck. So, I just decided to leave a note for anyone who passes through my living room. It said:
Could you please help me find my orange purse?? I am going crazy!!

So, if maybe there's some hobo living in my house that decided to borrow the orange purse, he'll see that while I'm not home and he's hiding out and feel a little tug of love in his heart to return it!!

Or, maybe if it's my Dad screwing with my head like I think he does sometimes, I'll get home tonight and the purse will be sitting in the living room right next to my note. Of course, at first, I'll think Ryan put it there, but he probably will think Cindy put it there, and Cindy will probably think I just never picked up the note......I swear, it was not in that house when I left today, and if it is when I get home....I'm gonna freak out.

But I think I'll actually sleep better tonight if I know where it is...............


Andrea said...

I hate it when I can't find something. It drives me craaaaaazy!

Hope your purse shows up. Heck where will you find another orange purse???

enN2sp said...

Have you retraced your steps when you last seen it?

I it is probably in the last place you will ever think it would be.

It's some where that you have NEVER put things before, it will be right there looking at you right in the face taunting you.

saying if a purse could talk "Ha ha ha, you couldn't find me!"

allison said...

I think my purse talked and taunted me for at least three days!!!! I finally found it hanging on the cabinet door of my armoir (Spelling) and it was under a couple dirty towels. I hung one right on top of it, and from there on out, I thought i was crazy!!!