Thursday, December 14, 2006

Small Talk

OK, I'm bored to tell me something...

What's going on in your lives right now? I know everyone is getting ready for Christmas, but what else is going on?? Anyone excited about anything right now?? Any good news to share or funny stories to tell??? got any plans for any upcoming shows or anything exciting like that??? Have you been having fun at work?? Are you and Chad doing anything special for eachother for the holidays??

Andrea...What about you?? Have you come across any cool photo ops lately?? Has Rich pulled any tricks on you or anyone else lately?? Doing anything new with the house?? Fill me in!!

Rosie...How's that driving thing going?? Sounded like you were doing pretty good on your last blog. Have the girls been busy?? What all are they involved in this year??

Sarah....What's new with you?? Any new crafts to show off?? Have the boys said or done anything exceptionally cute lately?? I know they're always sizes do they wear?? What's new with John? Have you talked to him lately?? How is Molly? Do the boys like her.

Jill...I know you did some serious shopping the other day, but have you done anything nice for yourself lately?? Did Uncle Roy have fun playing the wise man for the nativity scene?? I saw a picture from Chapel Hill in the paper, but he wasn't in there. How is Abby....don't you think she needs a friend? I have lots of foster dogs that need a good home :-) you ever even read my blog anymore?? What's new with you??


enN2sp said...

The Driving is going as good as it going to get. I almost drove to Peru this past Wednesday but we were running late and Guy our Fatherhood Program director had to drive. He thought it would be best since we were late. I was Santa’s helper today 12/14/06 at work I dressed up and everything I wish I had a Picture but no one took one.

TapeEar decided NOT to play Basketball this year. She has too many things going on right now. Like Principal’s advisory, Spanish Club, & Math counts.
Just too many things to worry about Basketball.

Olive_12 just got her class ring last week and she loves it. Ask to see it at Christmas. She’s getting ready for finals, I think she will do real well.

Brent is actually working. He usually isn’t working at this time and sits here being depressed but he’s been busy. Thank Goodness.
I hate when he’s not working _ he’s always underfoot and in the way.

Anonymous said...

Hey Allison!

Well, let's see..I haven't done much in the way of crafts lately. I did make a couple of cute beaded necklaces, but that's it.

Right now, I'm trying to get the house presentable for the Swoverland Christmas gathering over here on Christmas Eve. Tonight is actually the first time I've really got down and cleaned since before Ian was born. I know, ewww..

John seems to be doing really well right now. He got out from under his huge car payment, and is driving a little Honda right now. Also, it sounds like he's working on a way to move back up north (yay). He'll be here for a few days over Christmas. I told him last time he was here that Ari "calls" him on his toy phone all the time. He liked that! :)

As far as the boys' sizes..Ari's going into a 3T and Ian's in a 9 months, but will be in 12 months size soon enough the way he's growing. And they do love Mollie. Well, Ari does anyway. And she minds him really well. It's so funny when he says, "Mowee git back!" And she does! Ian is just starting to sit up on his own right now. He's a hoss I tell ya! Wait til you see him..

See you at Christmas!

Jen said...


As a matter of fact, I do have some show updates for you. The Dark Star Orchestra is playing in Indianapolis on Wednesday, January 31st at the Music Mill at 8:30pm. I know that you have seen a show of theirs. We might check it out. Please tag along if you would like to.

On Sunday, February 11th, Ratdog is playing at the House of Blues in Las Vegas. I am fired up!! I am pretty sure that Chad and I are going to try to make that one. My friend just moved out there to start teaching school, so we would have a place to stay. We are thinking of making it a vaction and staying out there for a couple of days. I'm an so excited b/c I have been itching to go. I have never been out there.

No, Chad and I aren't doing anything special for one another for Christmas. We aren't spending much on one another so we can give more to others. I am just so thankful to be together in our home under one roof. It's been a crazy two years!!

I'm looking forward to being home for Christmas. Hopefully all of the cousins will be able to get together at some point to hang out. What do you think S-hooks? You have the biggest house.

Love you all!

Andrea said...

I know what you mean Alli-Gal! I've been pretty bored lately too.

I've been doing lots of shopping - online and in the stores. I only have a few things left to get.

I have no idea what to get Rich. He's asking for things like remote control airplanes and a clock that looks like a big bunch of gears. I guess I'll have to go with those but I wanted to get him something really cool. Got him a video ipod for his birthday - not sure what I was thinking - should have held out for Christmas on that one.

I took pics of our Christmas tree but I've been waiting for our first snow fall. I'm anxious to get some pictures of snow. Was hoping for a White Christmas but not sure that's going to happen. I would like to get downtown to snap a few shots before the season comes and goes.

Kellie graduated from Medical Assistant school so Rich decorated the heck out of their apartment - just the outside door and her doorway to the apartment - he couldn't get inside.

He did the biggest, most embarrassing red neck display of glitter, balloons, paint and duct tape. I have pictures, I'll get those on the blog. It's quite a sight!

I've been bored at work so I'm inventing new things to keep me entertained, yet appear productive when the boss walks by.

Here are some of the "I'm busy" illusions I've created lately.

1. Drug every folder and piece of paper I could find and spread them all over my desk. Put an excel spreadsheet up on my screen but flipped back and forth over to shopping sites when the boss was roaming around.

2. Made bags of candy for all the neighbors in our office complex. Then delivered them on Friday when most people are out of the office. It's a ghost town out there on Fridays. So I could drop them off with the admin and go. I drove around the office park a while too, just enjoying the nice weather.

3. Dreamed up marketing projects that I have to have the techies create. So I look busy talking to them about artwork or placement on a page ... but they are doing the actual work.

There are all kinds of ways to create the illusion of work. Maybe I should write a book - or start a new blog! Hmmmmmm.......

Rich created quite a Christmas light display this year. Usually I decorate outside but he wanted to this year and made me pinky swear that he could do anything he wanted. Oh my. Well, we have Christmas lights. You should see the Christmas tree light display he made out of our maple tree in front. Dear Lord. I'll get pictures of this too and get on my blog.

Other than this stuff, I've mostly been Christmas shopping. Hope everyone likes their gifts and has the best Christmas ever!

Anonymous said...

All the cousins are ALWAYS welcome at our house Christmas or not. So come on over if you want to. John usually ends up over here in the evenings anyway so that should work. Christmas night will be kinda late for us because we'll probably be over at my dad's until 10 or 11, but I'm sure we'll be up for a while after we get home.

Maybe my house will still be somewhat cleanish. I can't speak for the garage though. That's all Craig since I quit smoking. :)

allison said...

Thanks for all the updates guys!!! i felt like I missed out catching up with everyone at Thanksgiving!!!

Jen....I'm already planning on going to the Dark Star guys definitely need to check it out. I'll be there with Aaron and a few friends fron Indy. Ryan has to work that n ight, but that's notgonna stop me :-)

Rosie...Thanks for letting me know what's up with the girls. I check their blogs sometimes, but they must be too busy to blog as much as I do :-)

Andrea...I'm ready for some pics of Rich's outdoor masterpiece....I'm sure it's beautiful :-).....actually, I think I'm kinda scared :-)

S-hooks...We are planning on stopping over on Christmas night if that's OK....we just kinda figured that'd be the best place to catch everyone since John's gonna be home.

And Andrea...I'm just giving you a fair cousin's warning that Ryan has Rich's name for Christmas, and he feels the need to get him back for the whole bra thing last year...I'm not sure what he has up his sleeve, but I'd beware if I were you guys :-) I'm sure it con't be too bad....after all, it has to be presentable in front of Grammy!!!!

Andrea said...

Bring it on, Ryan.

A little prankin' rivalry is just what we thrive on!