Monday, April 16, 2007

Uncle Buck's Sucks!!!

I'm going to start this post with a disclaimer stating that the language used here may not be fit for Sissy's ears.....and an apology to the family for me talking like a sailor...but by the time you read may have a few choice words to throw out there too.....................

Ryan and I went on our first camping trip of the year this past weekend. After it was all said and done, we decided we will just refer to this little trip as "Mud Fest" from now on.

Apparently, It was a little colder up here than it was Down in New Marshfield least we didn't get any snow, but it rained like hell the whole time we were there.....thank God for who ever invented those cheap little yellow rain coats :-)

It was a very interesting weekend to say the least. A lot of fun in a lot of ways, but also very disappointing in other ways.

We took off from West Middleton at about 5:30 Saturday morning with a five hour drive ahead of us. I woke up excited and raring to go as I always do before a Hookah show. The drive there was gloomy, but it was still nice to be awake and headed towards my Hookah boys again. I swear, they are like heroin to me......if I don't get a fix at least once a month, I start going through withdraw and freaking I was ready for my next fix:-)

When we got to Uncle Buck's where the show was held, it was pretty laid back. I started seeing familiar faces right away, and hunted down a few friends I knew would be there. After we got the tent all set up, I took a quick nap while Ryan and my friend Julie took off to walk around and check everything out. When I woke up, they were still gone, so I made a quick trip to the port-o-potty, and went back to the tent to change clothes. I knew if I went towards the music, we would all find eachother eventually.

There was music starting at noon, so I headed down to "the barn" where the concerts were held, and enjoyed some alone time. The opening bands were all fantastic. I stuck around by the front of the stage for about a half an hour before Ryan finally found me. We danced for awhile and decided we needed to make one more trip to the tent to eat before the big show (Ekoostik Hookah) started.

When we got back to the tent, we realized that we weren't dealing with the normal Hookah crowd...our tent had been broken into. No....we didn't have a lock on it....shame on us. But, we have NEVER had the need to lock our tent up before. This was a very small festival, so we felt like we were with our extended family. We thought wrong.

Here's the worst of it. The Bastards stole my digital camera!!!!!! Can you believe that?!?!? ASSHOLES!!!!!! (sorry sissy....I can't help it) I was so pissed off, I could hardly think straight. Julie and Kelly Jo didn't have much in the tent besides clothes, so they were pretty safe. Now that I've been home for a day, I have heard from several different people who were at the show and had the same problem.

I am on a message board called and all the messages about Uncle Buck's this weekend have something to do with all the shady people who were prowling around. It's really a shame. I have always prided myself on the crowd that Hookah brings to their shows. Like I said, I consider most of those people my extended family. They are mostly awesome people who would do anything for one another.

I think a big majority of the problem was the fact that the festival was so cheap. it was only twenty bucks to get in, and that included all the shows AND camping for the night. That price is unheard of. I'm pretty sure some shady characters took advantage of that cheap show knowing they could get in and get their money's worth in stolen merchandise very quickly.

Needless to say, Ekoostik Hookah has already re-sceduled their next show they had planned there. It only took them one day to change it and make arrangements for another venue. The guys from the band were really pissed off, and hurt for those of us who got robbed. There was enough trouble that they had already started changing things for their summer tour before the even started playing Saturday night. I really appreciate the way the band looks out for their fans. In fact, I think I got my "Party Girl" because I whined enough to Eric. I told him it was the only thing that would make the trip worthwhile........that was a big fat lie, and I think he knew it, but hey, it worked.....we got our Party Girl!!! Thanks Eric if you had anything to do with that :-)

My friend Kelly Jo was just getting home to Grand Rapids Michigan today because some asshole stole Travis' keys among some other things. Travis was her ride home. They were still waiting on a locksmith to come to them at Uncle Buck's last night at 8:00 PM. They finally got there, and made a key for Travis, but he was only taking Kelly Jo as far as Chicago where she was riding a train the rest of the way to Grand Rapids. Obviously, she missed her first train.....but managed to get her ticket transferred considering the situation. It's 10:50 now, and she' probably just getting home......she should have been there 24 hours ago.

OK, besides all the bullshit of getting our stuff stolen, the show was awesome!!! I tried my hardest to put what I couldn't control behind me and just enjoy myself. I think I did a pretty good job. Oh yeah, and that bottle of wine I downed shortly after the break-in helped a lot too :-) I figured what the hell....I might as well get trashed...I'm cold, I'm wet, I've been robbed....I might as well get drunk. That's not my usual answer to anything......I'm always the designated driver, but I felt like I deserved to not be responsible for once....and you know what? It felt really good.....

I got a little loopy, but I remeber the whole night, so I'm doing better than some people I know :-)

I borrowed just a few pictures from a friend of mine who was smart, unlike myself, and had her camera on her the whole night. She let me take a piture of Eric, and promised to send it. He was posing for me. I felt so special :-) Hopefully I'll get some pics that have us in them. Until then, I'll give ya what I've got.

She also got several pictures of Eric (My favorite drummer in the whole wide world) So, I'm very happy to have a friend willing to share those :-) I got another drum stick from him.....I've got quite a collection going now :-) In one of the pictures, you can see the drumstick I's all frayed in the middle....just about to break in half. He only gives me the sticks he breaks. But I think he gets so crazy on that drumset that he breaks at least one almost every show.

We got to hear "Party Girl" and that always makes me happy :-) Cause I'm the freakin' PARTY GIRL!!!!!! That was the last song of the last set....great way to close the show. Of course, just because it was the last song of the last set, that doesn't mean that it was the last song of the night. They actually closed with their song called "Somewhere Down The Line." I always love to hear that song live. Cliffy usually yodels through part of it. I know you're all probably thinking, what the hell? Yodeling??? Yes, yodeling. I know it sounds weird, but if you know Ekoostik Hookah, nothing will ever shock you in the musical sense. It's also a great song for the end of the show, because it reassures us all that we'll be seein' eachother again sometime soon. Us Hookah fans live for knowing we will be doing it all over again soon.........Only about a month until Hookahville!!!!!!!

Here's the picture I took....How can you not just LOVE that sweet face?!?!?

There's my drumstick.......see how it's all frayed in the middle? That's only first got worse as the songs kept coming....when they look like that, they go home with me :-)

There's a couple great shots of Cliffy...none while he was yodeling, but I really like the way the lighting was caught next to him.


Andrea said...

Are you kiddin' me? That's terrible! You finally get a digital camera and someone steals it probably just to pawn it and get $20 bucks worth of crack money.

THAT SUCKS! Maybe the fam should do a digital camera fund for you!

Jen said...


That sucks so much! What a bunch of selfish aholes! I'm so sorry to hear that happend.

KellyAnn said...

OMG Allison that sucks about your camera. I'm sorry that happened. I'm glad things got better for you. I've always wondered about whether to lock up the tent or not, I think I might start. Love ya and I'll be seeing you soon.

alli-gal said...

You know what guys.....It's nothing I can change at this point, and I have an offer for a cheap used camera for 50 bucks from my friend Julie.

I'm not sweatin' the camera.

What really breaks my heart is that this crap happened at one of these shows. That's not at all what this crowd is all about.

You should see the message board on's blowing up right now!!!!! THAT's what this crowd is all about....

enN2sp said...
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enN2sp said...

Well at least you had FUN at the end!