Friday, April 06, 2007

Clothespin Discipline

Apparently there's a substitute teacher out there somewhere who likes clothes pins.

Did anyone hear about the sub in Ohio that is being disciplined for putting clothes pins on the lips of some of her kindergarten students for talking too much? Can you believe she would even consider this? Don't get me wrong, I think teachers should have more rights to discipline children than they do, but that is a little out of line in my opinion.

This woman is a retired school nurse. Back when she was working as a nurse full time, maybe there was more leway in discipline in the school system. I'm not sure. But, whatever her thinking was, I think it was wrong for her to do that.

The article I read about it said that the children were not hurt during the incident, but the school district will not allow her to work for them anymore. She is being reported to the Ohio state department of education. Surely they will not allow her to teach again.

I know that kids can be hard to handle sometimes. I also realize that it has to be really hard for teachers because they are so limited in what they can do to get kids to act better. But, I would be irate if my child came home telling me his teacher did this to him.

It makes me wonder if she has used these tactics before, and this just happens to be the first time it was ever brought to someone's attention. Kind of scary to think about kids in strangers' hands.


alli-gal said... have been a substitute teacher before....have you ever had the urge to pin the kids' mouths shut? I bet you have :-)

enN2sp said...

I have had the urge to hurt a kid (Bad).
I don't like to admit to that because I have been acused of abuse in the school I work in about 5 or 6 years ago.

This mom who everyone thought she was doing MUNCHHOUSEN to her adopted daughter from romania.

She was weird.

Anyway she accused me of hurting a kid buy grabbing his face and wagging my finger in his face.

I don't and never would do that.

alli-gal said...

It's one thing to have the's totally different if you act on it

Jen said...

I would have liked to slug a couple of middle schoolers when I subbed, but I just tried to keep in mind that I only had to deal with them for 42 minutes of my day.

So, I would day dream about it instead and kind of laugh to myself.

But actually acting on my thought, not a good idea. That woman is probably banned to sub/teach anywhere in the US. What a dumb ass! Control your urge, lady!

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