Thursday, April 05, 2007

One of Those Days

Well, it has been one of those days with my mom today......Dang it.....She does so good for so long, and then CRASH...she goes tumbling down.

It's so frustrating sometimes to see her one day and she's doing fine. She's thinking clearly. She's happy and content with her life. She is able to be social. Then, two days later, I stop over only to be greeted with her wild eyes at the front door. I can always tell as soon as I see her what kind of day it's going to be.

I took her out to my house for awhile because she wanted to call her Dad. I was hesitant at first, because I knew that she wouldn't make any sense talking to him. Sometimes I just let her do what ever she wants when she's like that because it's easier than trying to reason with her.

Will gave me ten dollars when we left and begged me to get Mom to eat something. He said she hasn't eaten for two days. She wouldn't get any food from a restaurant today because she said it was "tainted." So, luckily, I talked her into eating some leftover chili I had at home. Will was so sweet about trying to get her to eat. Sometimes, I don't know how he lives with her.

She didn't have any major break downs or anything while I was with her, but she said several weird things. The food thing was kind of weird, and when I left, she hit me on the head and called me a "knuckle-head." I actually kind of laughed about that. She also kept asking me if the radio was "indefinite." It took me a minute to figure out that she wanted me to turn it down. She also wanted to "go out on the wheels" when she was ready to leave my house.

I'm sure that this has all been caused by her not taking her meds. The case manager left her meds for a few days trusting her to take them herself. Apparently they are short staffed this week because of spring break, and don't have enough people to stop by everyone's house every day to give them their meds. This happens every time they leave meds for her. I called the hospital today and talked to a nurse who will be stopping by there tonight. I warned her that Mom might get violent. She usually does when someone comes over to try to get her meds in her. The best way to go is to give her a shot. I don't even know for sure what they give her, but it knocks her out for at least a day, and makes her much easier to handle.

Hopefully tomorrow will be better..................................


Andrea said...

Alli-Gal, I'm sorry you have to deal with your mom when she's like this. I'm also sorry that poor Helga has to go through this crap too.

Stupid State of Indiana & Her Doctor's - can't they plan and prepare for spring break so the patients who trust the State to take care of them don't have to suffer??

How long will it take to get her balanced again?

alli-gal said...

It usually only takes a day or two once they have her on her meds consistently. But, sometimes they will send someone on one day, and she'll take her meds, so they won't send someone the next day or two. They just assume she'll keep taking them.

I have learned one thing for can't trust Helga to take care of herself........

enN2sp said...

Can't Will help in any way? I know he has his own problems but he could remind her or have a timer on her watch to remind her.

I'm sorry this all happened.

alli-gal said...

Will reminds her and tries to make her take her meds, but once she's got it in her mind that she's not taking them, there's not much you can do besides hold her down and shove them down her throat.

That's why the shots are so much better.

Mom has gotten very violent with Will many times. In fact, she chased him through the parking lot of their old apartments with a steak knife one night and got picked up by the cops.

They put her in Howard for one day, and when she got home, Will had thrown all the knives away. So, Mom went out and climbed in the dumpster to try to find them.

She can be really scary when her mind isn't working right.

She grabbed the wheel of my car one night on Washington street and put us into on-coming traffic....she's impossible to control sometimes. Maybe I should invest in a straight jacket. She's been put in them before.

Will has done wonders for my mom, and I feel very fortunate to have him to help me with her.

s-hooks said...

Dang, you should have her sit in the back seat next time or something! I know you know what to do and how to handle her when she's like that, but I just wish you didn't have to. And I really wish she didn't have to.

Hey, would it be easier on you for someone to go with you when that's going on? Or would that make her worse? If you think you could use some help (or someone to sit in the front seat) I could go with you any time-no prob. I can get a sitter.

Just let me know, knucle-head.

alli-gal said...

Thanks Cuz...our family rocks!!!!