Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Has this ever happened to you?

Ryan and I were driving down the highway last night, and we got behind a semi. I know truck drivers get frustrated with us average joes out on the road with them sometimes, and I don't blalme them. I'm the first to admit that I have a little problem with road rage. But, this guy must have been really ticked!!!

We were in Ryan's truck, and his headlights are bright enough that sometimes people will flash us thinking we have our brights on. That gets frustrating sometimes, but I understand, because it's hard to see with someone's brights glaring in your eyes. Anyway, we were coming up pretty close to the back end of this truck, and all of a sudden, we get this huge bright beam of light blinding us from the front, driver's side of the truck. It looked like he had a spotlight on the side of the truck or something.

We got into the left lane to pass him, and realized that he was shining some kind of light at us. We thought he probably thought we had our brights on, so we flashed them real quick just to let him know they were in fact the low beams, and we weren't trying to be rude or obscure his vision.

Instead of turning his light off, he kicked it up a notch, and nearly blinded us for life. It was so bad that we had to speed up and get around him just so we could see again. When we got up close to the cab of the truck, I realized he had a super duper beam flashlight, and he was shining it through his rear view mirror right into our faces. I was pissed because he kept moving it to stay right in my eyes as we went around him. I was in the passengers seat, looking him right in the face, and he shined it right back in my face. What an a**hole!!!!

I wanted to scream a few obsenities out the window at him, but Ryan wouldn't let me. That was probably a good decision on Ryan's part. I have been known to get into some heated road rage rounds with people before. You know, it starts out with a little flashing of the lights and ends up with us screaming out the windows at eachother, and racing down the road just to prove a point that will mean absolutely nothing when you part ways. But, as long as I'm sharing the same strip of road with someone, I expect a little respect, and I'm more than willing to give it right back.

A**hole truck-driver!!!!!!!!!!!!


Andrea said...

Many moons ago and practically in a whole other life....I used to drive Rob Hamilton's junkie little car. He had some super bright driving lights mounted under the front bumper.

I left his apartment about the same time every night. And, every night I'd pass the same stupid idiot on the street that hated those bright driving lights.

He'd flash his headlights at me trying to get me to turn them off. Well...sorry bud, "I like em and they are stayin' on!" I'd think to myself.

So what does butt head do? He mounts his own driving lights and when I'd come down Sycamore, he'd turn them on. Ohhhh...the punishment. Ouch. Quit, you're killing me. Right?

So I tell Rob about it. In our evil and devious way - we thought of a good payback. We went to Walmart and bought a 10 million candlepower spotlight that plugged in the cigarette lighter.

So now I'm ready. Bring it on Flasher Man.

I have the spotlight in my lap, finger on the trigger - primed and READY for buttface to flash his newly installed driving lights at me.

I see him coming.

On go the beams.


I yank the spotlight up to the windshield and aim it right at him! I could see every wrinkle in his "I've been workin in a factory, smokin' all my life" old man face.

I know he was blinded - heck it practically blinded me shining on my own windshield.

But guess what? I never saw him again.

enN2sp said...

You guys could have wrecked. But of course he didn't care!

He is an ***hole a BIG ONE.
He could have taken some lifes for what he did.

KellyAnn said...

All I can say is "Dont go toward the light" LMAO. ok not that funny. But yeah what a jerk.

s-hooks said...

Oh my gosh! That guy should be reported. If not to police, at least to the company he's hauling for.

You know. I've thought about how nice it would be to keep a gianormous flashlight in the car with me for just that purpose, but I never actually did it, ANDREA.

If someone's behind me long enough with their brights on I usually try and aim all 3 of my mirrors back at them so that the light goes into their eyes(and out of mine). I have to say I'm getting pretty good at it!!