Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Thinking of those at VA Tech

Wow, things like this really put life into perspective don't they?

It was just yesterday, as these awful events were unfolding, that I sat safely at a computer at work blogging about my stolen camera. It seems very petty and minuscule now compared to the tragic events at VA Tech yesterday.

These things always have a way of making people step back for a minute and ask questions about our world today. It is such a scary place in so many ways. Even in a place such as your college dorm, where you feel that you're surrounded by friends and in a somewhat safe environment, it can be very scary.

I feel terrible for the families of all the victims, for the remaining students who must walk those hallways where their friends lost their lives, and also for the family of the shooter.

I read an article that I found a few quotes from students while they were in prayer. I can only imagine the horror in their hearts and their heads as they spoke these words:

"For Ryan and Emily," a young woman said, "and for those whose names we do not know."

"For Heidi, and her doctors and nurses and friends and families," added another.

"For all the children in our community who are afraid," said a third woman.

Then a man: "Lord, I pray for the family of the gunman, who will forever be searching for answers I know they'll never find."

For a great report of Mondays events, see this article:


KellyAnn said...

Virginia Tech will be in my thoughts and prayers.

Andrea said...

It's so sad and shocking. a reminder to us all - life is extremely short.

Don't sweat the small stuff, don't go to bed mad at each other and always remember to tell everyone you love - just how much you love them!