Friday, February 02, 2007

Dark Star Orchestra ROCKS!!!!

Well, Jenny beat me to the blog, but I too was at the Dark Star show on Wednesday, and I want to share my thoughts like I always do :-)

Unfortunately, I forgot my camera, so I have zero pictures of this great night. Oh well, my memory will have to serve me until I go to the next show WITH my camera!!

Like Jen said, she, Chad, Aaron and myself all went together...kind of a little family get-together...and no better place for those of us who were there!!! We all hung out at Aaron's for a little while before the show........ Just out of curiosity....are Jen and I the only ones who have been to Aaron's? It is a total bachelor pad!!!! Cd's hanging from the ceiling with duct tape acting as targets for the boys and their pellet guns....of course, Chad got in on that for a minute before we left....Jen just turned her head towards me so she wouldn't get hit with any wild pellets in the air. And, um, I have a great idea for whoever gets Aaron's name for Christmas next year....get the boy some toilet cleaner...would ya????

Anyway, we got to the show just before it started and roamed around for a few minutes. I really liked The Music Mill. I had never been there before. The acoustics in that place were amazing...the whole show sounded great!! It's a fairly small venue compared to some I've been to, but I like that aspect of it.

I lost track of the times I got chills listening to the guy that sings Jerry Garcia's lead vocals. He sounds so similar to Jerry that you can close your eyes, and it's almost like you're in a time warp or something, and all of a sudden, Jerry is right there in front of you. They even look a lot alike. The guy who sings Bob Weir's vocals sounds very similar as well. In fact, it was kind of weird to hear Bob's voice and look up to see this other guy that looks nothing like Bob, but sounds just like him. I loved every minute of it!!!

My friend Julie was there with some of Chad and Jen's friends.....geez it's a small we hung out in the same area and danced with them most of the night. I was so sore from dancing when I woke up Thursday, but it was totally worth it!!!

I was very happy to hear a couple of my favorite songs. I got to hear "Ramble on Rose" and "Uncle John's Band" which are two of few Dead songs I can play on the guitar. They also sang "Run for the Roses" which is actually a Jerry Garcia Band song. I was especially excited to hear this because I was recently given a copy of a show from 1960-something that is Jerry Garcia performing at the Oregon State Prison, and it includes that song. I've played it over and over again since I got the CD. I do that fact, I can't even play "Son of a Preacher Man" on my Dusty Springfield CD anymore....I think I wore it out.

So, overall, the night was fantastic!!! I got to hang out with some of the family, some of my friends, and dance the night away with my favorite doesn't get much better than that!!!

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