Saturday, February 24, 2007

They're here.........................

OK's your chance...not that some of you would venture out this late, but my favorite band...Ekoostik Hookah will be in Lafayette next Friday March 2nd. It starts at 10:00, and will probably be over around twoish. (That looks like a word Dr Suess would've used) Anyway, this is a description better than I could ever come up with I borrowed it:

One of the most original and energetic acts around today, ekoostik hookah is the nucleus of a family drawn to its lucid, improvisational treatment of psychedelic rock ’n’ roll, blues, funk, jazz and bluegrass layered with rich harmonies. Born early in 1991 in a smoky basement bar, the band has been continually evolving, cultivating a sound that has perked the ears of contemporaries and attracted fans who travel miles to hear them play. Now, 16 years later, the band is fresh from the recording studio and preparing for the updated release of their debut album from 1996. (That is the recording session that Ryan and I got to go to in Atlanta this fall)

So, anyway...I know I'm not alone (Kelly) in counting the days 'til I get to see my boys again!!! AND...I'm going with Kelly on Saturday to see them again in Columbus Ohio!!! Woooo Hoooooooo!!!!!! It's gonna be a great weekend!!!!


KellyAnn said...

Looks like Liz isn't taking the trip to Columbus so if Ryan doesn't get to go, then you could just ride with us. K?

alli-gal said...

I guess I'm riding with you then!!!

Ryan definitely has to work....I think it's B.S. but his boss doesn't agree with me!!!