Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Head high by the 4th of July!!!!!

Ok, I think everyone who knows me has figured out that I'm definitely a true little hoosier at heart. I love the corn, and watching it as it changes throughout the year. Some of you may remeber a couple years ago when I ran my car off the road because I was gawking at the corn. I was really excited because it was really tall, and it wasn't even close to the fourth of July. We've all heard the saying "knee high by the fourth of July," but I'm changing it to "head high by the fourth of July." Just look at these pictures!!! I mean, I know I'm short and all, but this corn is enormous!!!

Yes....I am hugging the corn....I LOVE IT!!!!!

Mom and I were out driving in the country a few days ago, and discussing the progress of the corn this year. Rather than chancing running off the road again, I decided to stop. That's when she decided we needed to take pictures....he he. I have a lot of fun with my Mom.

So, here ya go.......Head high by the fourth of July!!!!!!!


s-hooks said...

You corn-hugger!

I was thinking the same thing who's knee are we talkin' about here?

Cool Pictures!

alli-gal said...

yeah....i guess I am a corn that kinda the same as being a tree hugger?????

Funny, 'cause I just posted a pic of my friend on my next entry and his shirt says tree hugger he he he

Anonymous said...

Jill Anne said...That first picture of you looks just like Helga 30 yrs. ago!! Looks like fun. Roy and I climbed a "mountain" in Tennesse last week. I made it but about quit half way up!! It was an awesome view.

Andrea said...

Corn huggin is fun! Rich and I just took a drive to beautiful Arcadia and Atlanta Indiana tonight on St Rd 19. We ate KFC in the Noblesville park and ran into a free cover band playing there in their sequined red jackets. Guess they have a free concert in the park on Thursday nights. Then took off on 19 to see the country side.

We were commenting on the height of the corn since we got some rain. A few weeks ago we were at Bo's and the corn was butt high - heck it was the beginning of June then! Must be growth hormones or something!

I'm betting we'll be seeing alot more corn growing now that ethenol has become such a big thing! I wonder if farmers will stop the soybean/corn rotation since corn is more valuable now. We'll see......Maybe I'm thinking too much about corn...I don't know.

Ah heck, I'll go hug a stalk too!

alli-gal said...

That's right Andrea....this is a corn huggin' family!!!!