Saturday, June 23, 2007

Lovin' the summer time!!!!

Jen inspired me to write about how much I love the summer in her last post with her schedule for the season. I love summer, and the beautiful weather, and the opportunities it brings us to enjoy the outdoors. It's always easier to entertain yourself in the summer. If nothing else, I'll go lay outside and sleep in the sun while I get baked.

Of course, Ryan and I have had several bon fires already. It was actually too hot to have them for a few nights, but it's been perfect for about the last week.This is Shawn Kirby's little fire pit.....Mine is much bigger than his....he he he he....Oh, and much more manly......... (Are you reading this Shawn???)

We also went to Shawn Kirby and Monique's house last weekend, and had a little get together with some friends and a few drinks. Since Ryan and I are such hard core advocates of sober driving....we stayed in the Spongebob room at Shawn's so we didn't take any chances. He only live out on 31, but I won't even chance a couple miles. It's not worth it.......

So, anyway, we had a great time with them, and the next day, they brought their little boy Aiden out to Lantz's Pit to swim with us. That was fun, but the guys were disappointed that they took the big log roll away. My guess is too many people got hurt on that was dangerous!!!

I made Ryan buy me a swing to put in the yard, and I will soon be sitting out enjoying all my bird feeders I have around the yard. I told him that's a sure sign I'm getting old. I'm exstatic over having this swing in my yard. Just another one of those little things I love about summer. Just sitting outside, watching the world go by.........

Ryan and I need to get our fishing licenses so we can get out and do some fishing too. I haven't fished at all this year....what's wrong with me. My Dad's probably throwing a fit right now :-)

We also have a canoe trip planned with a couple friends of ours who live near a pretty decent sized creek out east of Kokomo. it's usually an all day trip, and covers several miles, so that's always fun too. we will stop on a couple small islands along the way to eat and swim or what ever we want to do. maybe some fishing....who knows.

Then, of course, Ryan and I have plenty of trips planned to follow Ekoostik Hookah around. In fact, next weekend is a two day run across the whole lenght of Ohio...I can't wait!! I'm going Friday night to Cincinnnatti with Kellyann and her husband, and we're coming back to get Ryan from Kokomo Saturday and then going up to Sylvania Ohio, which is near Toledo. It's really not a bad drive...only about two and a half hours. But, Saturday will be mostly driving since we're coming from Cinci and then going up north to Toledo.....ROAD TRIP!!!!!! I love it!!!! The Centennial Terrace in Sylvania is an outdoor venue, and has a rock quarry where you can swim before the show.....hopefully we'll get moving early enough Saturday to get some swimming in.

Anyway, just getting excited like a little kid on summer vacation. There's so much more I want to do before the summer is over...I wish I could take about three months off every year.

.............maybe I should've been a teacher. tell Chad I'm jealous!!!!!




Andrea said...

I love bonfires too!!! Reminds me of the lake though I don't know why, we didn't really have that many fires up there. I just love fire. Call me a pyro if you want to. And YES, I did play with matches as a kid!

Your summer sounds fun too.

I really want to go to Indiana Beach this summer. I think it's been about 15 years since I've been there. Too long dang it!

s-hooks said...


Gotta love the ol' lady swing!