Thursday, June 28, 2007

Big opinions on a big sign.............

I recently received an e-mail with some photos of this sign. It is outside a restaurant and bar in North Versailles, PA. Apparently, the guy who runs the place is pretty opinionated!!! Just read on, and you'll see what I mean :-) He's got a lot of views on politics that I chose not to post for fear of offending someone. If you're interested in checking out some other signs, check out . I thought this one about Michael Jackson was pretty funny.... a little sick, but still pretty funny!!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Black Keys

Ryan and I went to see a show at The Vogue for FREE this past weekend!!!! Clint got some free tickets, probably promo tickets, for The Black Keys last Sunday. I love having Clint as my insider for fun stuff in Indy. He knows so many people, and is such a social butterfly, that he gets all kinds of perks everywhere!!!

Anyway, The Black Keys are a band consisting of only two members. A guitarist and a drummer. Every once in awhile, the guitarist will play the organ, but they didn't have it up at this show.

Their style is somewhat bluesy, but definitely rockin'!! They've been around for about five years, but have just been noticed recently after their latest release received great reviews from several music magazines and musicians. It's hard to believe by just listening to them that there's only two people playing instruments. There's a lot of sound pouring out of both of them.

The show was very energetic. It was a lot shorter than I would have liked, but I have to admit, I was exhausted by the time it was all over. I guess I have been spoiled by the Hookah boys playing for four and five hours at a time for me :-)

We met up with Clint ( he lives in Broad Ripple now) and a couple friends of his and found a spot where we could all see. While we were standing there just chit chatting away, our friend Eric comes strolling by. I'm always so happy to see him. The funny thing is, he lives in Kokomo, and I NEVER see him here in town. It's almost a given that we will see him if we go to any show nearby. We also got to hang out with a couple friends, Will and Amy who just moved to Indy not too long ago. We had no idea they would be there, so that was a great surprise. It's amazing to me how many faces have become familiar at concerts these last few years. There are plenty of people out there doing exactly what Ryan and I do......we see live music as often as possible. It's a life source to us.
This is Will and Amy
This is our buddy Eric Springer
Ryan and Will being goofy as we go into The Alley Cat.............

Clint ended up meeting some "hot Betty," as he would say, and went down to a bar called The Alley Cat where they talked and could actually hear one another. We walked down there after the show and hung out with them for a little while. Clint's brother, Gauvin, was there too. He looks like Brad Pitt.....anyone know someone looking for a hot and NICE boyfriend???? It's always good to see Gauvin. I love Clint's family. So, not only did we get a great show under our belts for FREE, we also got to see some old friends and catch up a little.

This is the creepy alley we walked through to get to the Alley Cat. I would never walk down there alone, that's for sure!!!!!

Of course, Ryan and I had to do as much as we could to try to get back stage to get a picture, or at least talk to the guys. It's hard to get backstage at The Vogue. You have to know someone with more strings to pull than Clint has, but it's pretty easy to catch people from the bands outside in the back parking lot. So, that's what we did. We did end up getting to chat with them for a few minutes, but as you can imagine, everyone else wanted to talk to them too. So, after a few brief words, we snapped one picture a piece, and got out of their way. Unfortunately, my picture with the gutarist, Dan Auerbach, didn't turn out very well....surely you see what I mean :-). The picture of Ryan and Patrick Carney, the drummer, was taken just after Ryan stepped off of the curb they're standing near and almost wiped out. It was a good laugh for everyone. Maybe that's how they'll remember us.......

Ryan and Patrick Carney, the drummer...................

Me and Dan Auerbach........too bad he looks like he's sleeping....................

Yet another fun-filled weekend busting at the seams with great music and great people!!!!

Head high by the 4th of July!!!!!

Ok, I think everyone who knows me has figured out that I'm definitely a true little hoosier at heart. I love the corn, and watching it as it changes throughout the year. Some of you may remeber a couple years ago when I ran my car off the road because I was gawking at the corn. I was really excited because it was really tall, and it wasn't even close to the fourth of July. We've all heard the saying "knee high by the fourth of July," but I'm changing it to "head high by the fourth of July." Just look at these pictures!!! I mean, I know I'm short and all, but this corn is enormous!!!

Yes....I am hugging the corn....I LOVE IT!!!!!

Mom and I were out driving in the country a few days ago, and discussing the progress of the corn this year. Rather than chancing running off the road again, I decided to stop. That's when she decided we needed to take pictures....he he. I have a lot of fun with my Mom.

So, here ya go.......Head high by the fourth of July!!!!!!!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Puppy Love

Jerry's just lovin' life again:-)

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Lovin' the summer time!!!!

Jen inspired me to write about how much I love the summer in her last post with her schedule for the season. I love summer, and the beautiful weather, and the opportunities it brings us to enjoy the outdoors. It's always easier to entertain yourself in the summer. If nothing else, I'll go lay outside and sleep in the sun while I get baked.

Of course, Ryan and I have had several bon fires already. It was actually too hot to have them for a few nights, but it's been perfect for about the last week.This is Shawn Kirby's little fire pit.....Mine is much bigger than his....he he he he....Oh, and much more manly......... (Are you reading this Shawn???)

We also went to Shawn Kirby and Monique's house last weekend, and had a little get together with some friends and a few drinks. Since Ryan and I are such hard core advocates of sober driving....we stayed in the Spongebob room at Shawn's so we didn't take any chances. He only live out on 31, but I won't even chance a couple miles. It's not worth it.......

So, anyway, we had a great time with them, and the next day, they brought their little boy Aiden out to Lantz's Pit to swim with us. That was fun, but the guys were disappointed that they took the big log roll away. My guess is too many people got hurt on that was dangerous!!!

I made Ryan buy me a swing to put in the yard, and I will soon be sitting out enjoying all my bird feeders I have around the yard. I told him that's a sure sign I'm getting old. I'm exstatic over having this swing in my yard. Just another one of those little things I love about summer. Just sitting outside, watching the world go by.........

Ryan and I need to get our fishing licenses so we can get out and do some fishing too. I haven't fished at all this year....what's wrong with me. My Dad's probably throwing a fit right now :-)

We also have a canoe trip planned with a couple friends of ours who live near a pretty decent sized creek out east of Kokomo. it's usually an all day trip, and covers several miles, so that's always fun too. we will stop on a couple small islands along the way to eat and swim or what ever we want to do. maybe some fishing....who knows.

Then, of course, Ryan and I have plenty of trips planned to follow Ekoostik Hookah around. In fact, next weekend is a two day run across the whole lenght of Ohio...I can't wait!! I'm going Friday night to Cincinnnatti with Kellyann and her husband, and we're coming back to get Ryan from Kokomo Saturday and then going up to Sylvania Ohio, which is near Toledo. It's really not a bad drive...only about two and a half hours. But, Saturday will be mostly driving since we're coming from Cinci and then going up north to Toledo.....ROAD TRIP!!!!!! I love it!!!! The Centennial Terrace in Sylvania is an outdoor venue, and has a rock quarry where you can swim before the show.....hopefully we'll get moving early enough Saturday to get some swimming in.

Anyway, just getting excited like a little kid on summer vacation. There's so much more I want to do before the summer is over...I wish I could take about three months off every year.

.............maybe I should've been a teacher. tell Chad I'm jealous!!!!!



Friday, June 08, 2007

Hookahville night two.......'s day two of Hookahville....only two weeks later....... :-)

This is the lead singer of the Wailers, Bob Marley's old group. They were awesome, and played songs we all knew and sang along with. It's crazy how good reggae can make ya feel!!!!!

This is the hill where a lot of people hang out and watch the bands and the crowd. We had absolutely gorgeous weather too!!!!

The crowd and vendors...........

I think this was while the Wailers were playing.....Ryan looks pretty hot, huh?!?

These are the girls who sing backup for The Wailers.....

This is Nick Reynolds being silly :-)

There's my man, Eric....only got to say hi briefly, but I did get my hug!!!!!

This is John Mullins, the lead singer........
And my man again....singing this time!!!!
cool lights.....................
Ashley, Kellyann, and TeShannah after the big show..............
Ashley....passsed out after the big show......he he he.....I know you look at this blog sometimes Ash :-)
Matt and TeShanna cuddling.....awwwwwww................

Kellyann and I getting ready to head home..................Ryan and I just before we left.........................
We already bought our tickets for Fall Hookahville........Let the countdown begin!!!!!!

so sad

I was driving down Alto road yesterday and saw a Momma duck and her ducklings crossing the road close behind her. Traffic had slowed down to a complete stop while the little guys wandered back and forth. They finally made it to the other side of ther road, but the sad thing was, there were about three of them hit by the time people stopped for them.

It broke my heart. Momma looked so confused. I have been thinking about those ducks and their Momma for two days now.

New Song I'm Diggin'


~Dave Katz

I love the river's sound,easy as it goes

Barefoot on the ground, grass between my toes

A sense of freedom, fills the morning air

A lonely mushroom grows, beneath the wooden stair

I love a stormy night, the rumble and the roar

At first sign of light, the eagles up and soar

The sun will shine, each and every day

Even through cloudy skies, I can feel the warming rays

Long nights of cold can fast grow old

Then spring breaks through and life renews

I feel...

Green, fill me up with joy

Green, all that I enjoy

Green, turn my head around, wrap me up in sound,

rise up from the ground

I watch the treetops blow, swaying in the breeze

I watch the garden grow,once I plant my seed

I hear the songbird sing, a song for all to hear

Coyote howls at night, up to the sky so clear

As days grow long the sun shines strong

The south wind blows and nature knows

It's time for...I look up to the sky, and let my run free

A single butterfly, dances with a bee

I dream of times to come, memories to be made,

I think of days gone by, times I'd never trade

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Look what he did now................

Oh yeah....I forgot to give everyone my sob story about how I had to work eight days in a row before I was able to take time off for Hookahville. Anyone who was near me during those eight days heard about it...believe me.

Ryan, being the wonderful man that he is, sent me flowers on the last day of my eight day stretch......wasn't that so sweet of him!!!!!!

He knew I had been about to blow my top all week long, and I had been complaining of how the last day was going drag on and on, so he thought that would be a nice way of making the day a little better for me. He melts my heart :-)

Aren't they gorgeous?!?!?! I had to dump half of the water out to get them home....they were huge. Ryan is so wonderful!!!!!