Thursday, October 20, 2005

Ever watched "Behind the Music?"

OK, so most of us have probably seen the show "Behind the Music" on VHI at least a time or two. I LOVE those shows!!!

Anyway, my friend sent me her idea of the five stages of Behind the Music....Here goes:

Stage 1: After a middle class upbringing, some people come together to form a band

Stage 2: Band finds its sound, plays for beer, gets some chicks, builds base, gains initial success, and possibly some STDs

Stage 3: Band experiences huge success, invests in huge pyrotechnics and lasers, then meets Kurt Loder

Stage 4: Band begins near fatal descent into hazy world of drugs, booze, sex, and bankruptcy. At this stage, there is a higher risk for tragedy (bandmember death or possibly the loss of limbs to maybe...the drummer for instance)

Stage 5: Band comes back from the brink...usually sober (so they say.) Redemption is nearly complete.

All I have to say is.....Thanks a lot!!! Now I'll never be able to watch the show ruined the ending!!!


s-hooks said...

Oh that's funny! She nailed it! There's always that careless drunk guy...showing off, doing something stupid, ends up impaled, and it changed his life from that point on. Makes for great tv..or was that another after school special?!

Andrea said...

Your friend hit the nail on the head! Especially the one armed drummer! Tooooooo funny!

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Anonymous said...

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