Friday, October 07, 2005

stay off my blog!!!!!

OK, all you anonymous people who keep leaving me comments.....if you actually read this, I would appreciate it if you only leave comments that relate to what I've written, and DON'T try to get me to go to your little websites about sex toys, or whatever it is that you're soliciting....I'm tired of your comments!!!!!


Andrea said...

Allison you can delete unwanted comments.

Click on comments like you're going to leave one on your own blog.

There's a little trash can under the time on the comments - if you click that it will ask you if you want to delete it and then there's a box to check that says delete it permanently.

Click on those for each comment you want to delete and they will go away!!!

Andrea said...

You have to be signed in to your blog to delete. Sorry, forgot to mention that.

Anonymous said...

Hi alli, hope your birthday was good? you never did say.

I reply to your blogs anonymous cause my cookie settings is screwed up on my computer!

Anyway, I reply only to what you write, keep them jokes coming, I look forward to them every day.


s-hooks said...

I think those unwanted comments are sent automatically from blog sites that are just trying to sell stuff. I usually get them the second I post a new entry. It's weird, 'cause I know nobody read my stuff that fast! Cyberjerks!

Anonymous said...

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