Saturday, October 08, 2005

sax anyone??

Being the lover of music that I am, I have found myself exploring some unfamiliar paths lately. I've recently become very interested in anything with horns (especially saxophones).

I have picked up a few "Tower of Power" cds, thanks to the advice of my cousin, John. He's always a good one to turn to when I'm looking for something new. Also, I've been on a huge Maceo Parker kick. He's a phenonmenal sax player that used to play with James Brown. I've actually had the pleasure of seeing him live a couple times. Last time I saw him was about five years ago in Chicago. He was playing with Bela Fleck...another amazing artist. Anyone who appreciates the saxophone or any jazz would really appreciate Maceo Parker.

Stan Getz is another artist that has caught my attention recently. I came across an old album of his at home a while back, and decided to see what it was like. I fell in love instantly. I believe he plays the tenor has such a pure's very soothing. I wish I was more familiar with the famous sax players out there...looks like I have some research to do!!


Andrea said...

Tower of Power! YOU GOT TO FUNKIFIZE...say it!

Now you're rolling back into some of my old music! If you're looking for some good brass mixed with funk then here's my top 5 funk albums :

1. The Commodores - "36-24-36 shake it down, shake it down now!"

2. Kool and the Gang - "celebrate good groves!"

3. Cameo - "word up!!"

4. Rick James - "Give it to me baby!"

5. The Gap Band - "You dropped a bomb on me baby!"

Now if you're gonna talk jazz then I have a top 5 for you there too:

1. Junior Walker - check him out. Old school jammin!

2. Joshua Redmon - love the song Sweet Nasty

3. Wynton or Branford Marsalis - both are great!

4. Waymon Tisdale - former NBA player turned jazz guitarist. Awesome jazz guitar jams.

5. The Yellowjackets - anything from this group will be good.

Also, John Coltrane - no jazz collection is complete without a little from John C.

Now for some awesome funky jazz check out :

1. Marcus Miller - guitar, funk, jazz - he's got it all.

2. Urban Knights - funky, contemporary jazz

3. Earl Klugh - guitar for a quiet night

4. Acoustic Alchemy, The Rippingtons, - they've been around forever and still produce great tunes.

5. Chieli Municci - someone I just discovered recently.

So much music - so little time!

allison said...

thank you for all the suggestions...that should keep me busy for awhile!!! Love ya

s-hooks said...

Yes please!