Friday, October 28, 2005

MARS-up close

Hey folks!!

Just a cool little tid bit of info to share with you. You have probably heard about this on the news, so ignore me if I'm repeating what you already know. I just think it's really cool.

Mars will be taking a pretty close trip past the earth this weekend. Well, pretty close in comparison to normal anyway. Apparently, it is normally about 140 million miles away from earth, and this weekend it will be about 43 million miles away. It was actually closer than this back in 2003, but it will not be this close again until the year 2018.

It's closest pass will happen at approximately 11:25 Saturday night. The article I read about it said that it will glow just above the horizon. To the naked eye, it will be much brighter than normal, but with a powerful telescope, you will actually be able to see the southern ice cap, and possibly some cloud formations.

The Hubble telescope will be taking some close ups over the next coulpe days.


Andrea said...

I'm gettin' my telescope out to look at it! I bet Brent will too!

Hope for clear skies!!

Rosie said...

You should talk to Brent about it. He LOVES planets and stars. He can tell you everything he knows.

Andrea said...

Please DON'T mention SCIENCE to Rich. He's addicted to the Science channel. If you even get near a science subject, Rich will launch into a 45 minute disseration on obscure scientific facts that you really don't care anything about. Right Rosie?