Thursday, October 27, 2005


Well, I don't think Ryan and I will ever top our Halloween costumes from last year (Adam and Eve with BIG bushes,) but I'm looking forward to getting dressed up again this weekend.

We've got several places to stop on Saturday, so we're just going to go party hoppin'. I'm always excited to see what kind of crazy things my friends come up with for Halloween. My friend America and her sister, Shannon, never cease to amaze me. Last year America and her husband dressed as aliens in homemade costumes. We gave them the "best dressed" prize at our party. Shannon was "Mommy Dearest." It was great, she ran around with a wire hanger all night smacking people around, but only if they asked for it :-) I actually have several pictures on a disc from last year's party. I'll have to see if I can find them so all of you will be able to better appreciate my enthusiasm.

Of course, the puppies all have costumes too. (I know it's a liitle rediculous.....don't care) Maggie will be a little witch, which is very fitting for her temperament. Jerry has an alien head to wear...he actually keeps it on...good boy!!! And last but not least, little Franklin is going to be a devil. Also very fitting for him. I call him a "little devil" all the time. I think he would probably respond quicker to that right now than his own name.

I will not disclose any information about my costume at this time, due to the fact that someone I might want to surprise could be reading this. It's not quite as revealing as last year's costume, but I will be much warmer. I'll be back next week with some details, and hopefully some photos.



Anonymous said...
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s-hooks said...

Can it top last years pube fiasco? I guess we'll have to wait! Crazy kids!

Andrea said...

You have to take pictures!! We all want to see your costumes!!!!

We're on the hunt for dry ice! Let me know if you know of a place to buy it....

We want to put it in a container on the front porch with some plastic eyeballs Rich bought.

There's really nothing like scaring the little angels in the neighborhood....buhwaaahahahaha

s-hooks said...

Andrea, you should have ordered some Omaha steaks to be delivered! I know you get tons of dry ice from them!

Oh man, I love dry ice!

Rosie said...

Can't wait to see your pic's!!