Wednesday, October 05, 2005

quick update

OK, it's 1:25 am....I got called into work, so I'm gonna make this quick. Ryan is at home with a zombie movie paused and waiting for me.

Anyway, I saw Michael Friday. Everything went well. We were in and out of the tattoo shop within about 10 minutes. We really didn't talk about much. It was actaully kind of good to see him. I felt better having seen him myself to make the judgement whether to believe him or not when he tells me he's sober now. There's still a little bit of me that is skeptical, but he did look good...he looked healthy. Healthier than he did while we were still together.

I'm going to the courthouse tomorrow to turn in the paperwork. Hopefully this is it!!!!!


Andrea said...

Hey I'm glad everything went well. The end is near baby! Are you changing your name back?

Anonymous said...

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