Wednesday, October 26, 2005


Well, Ryan and I are officially in mourning.

Two of the members of our favorite band, Ekoostik Hookah, have quit to start a new band.

The new band is called One Under. ( ) We went to see them at the Lafayette Brewing Company at the end of September, and it was a great show. They are playing a very diverse span of music. They describe it as combining the roots of rock, American jazz, afro-Cuban Latin and pure groovy funk. That is a great description of what I have heard so far. They don't actually have any CDs released yet, but we have managed to pick up a couple shows on CD from some of our friends who record the shows live. The band has a fairly large following already, considering the short period of time they have been together. A lot of us are Hookah fans, of course, and heard of them through the other band, but they have received some very good reviews from local papers in Ohio which have helped catch some interest from other directions.

I have spoken to my friend Eric (the drummer from E.H.) once since the announcement of Johnny and Ed quitting. It sounds like there have been disagreements with the guys and management for some time now. The members that are still part of the band are actually all original members, so I hope that means they will continue to play together. Eric sounds a little unsure of the future of E.H. but says he will continue his musical career with them as long as they are still around.

I have been heartbroken since the announcement. It's amazing to me how much of an influence these guys have had on my life over the last couple of years. Their music is very inspirational in so many ways. They have always focused on being kind to one another and everyone around. They have been better to their fans than any other band I have ever known. Following them has become a way of life for myself and so many other people. A lot like the following of the Grateful Dead was. I am so thankful that the end of E.H. as I have known them did not happen due to the death of a band member or any other tragic event, for that matter. At least the guys are all still around and accessible, only in another ensemble now.

When Jerry Garcia died, there was no option for anyone to ever experience the things and feelings they experienced with the Grateful Dead. This is different, but still just as disheartening in a way.

I just hope I can keep track of these guys and continue to support them in all their future endeavors. Eric is the only one I talk to on a regular basis, but Ryan and I both consider these guys our friends. I will miss E.H. with all my heart and soul. I already do.


s-hooks said...

Sorry to hear your favorite band broke up. That really sucks!

Andrea said...

That sucks!!!

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