Sunday, October 30, 2005

Tired of loose dogs!!!

OK, as if my little Jerry has not had enough trauma in his life already.......

The poor little dog got attacked by a loose rotweiler in MY yard AGAIN today!!!! I'm so tired of this. It's official that this dog in particular has now had a taste of all three of my dogs. It better be dead when I get home tonight, because if it's not, I think Ryan will kill it himself.

Luckily, Jerry only suffered minor lacerations to his head and neck, but we still had to take him to the vet just incase. The way he was thrown around, I'm surprised his lungs didn't collapse. That was one of the main things they were worried about when I called Dr. Humphrey and told him what had happened.

I hope I can get the image of the fight out of my head tonight, otherwise, I don't think I'll be sleeping much. It was so horrible to see. Jerry's whole head was in Babe's mouth, and all I could see was his hind end flopping around like a little rag doll....I think iI screamed like I've never screamed before. My neighbor thought I was getting attacked at first.

I'm convinced that Jerry has at least nine lives.

Here's a list of the injuries sustained so far in his short six years in this world.

1. He got electricuted from chewing on a lamp cord when he was a puppy.

2. He got attacked by a rotweiler named Ozzy that is no longer with us...thank goodness.

3. He injured his back last fall and is now paralized and in a doggy wheelchair.

4. He has once again been attacked by a rotweiler, this one named Babe, who better not be with us much longer!!!


Andrea said...

Poor little Jerry! What more can this dog take? He's a miracle puppy!

I can't imagine the horror you must have had watching it happen!

I hope that stupid dog is gone when you get home!

s-hooks said...

That is so scary!

I remember when Craig's old dog, babydog, was attacked. She was so old and weak. I thought I was going to kill that other dog, sadie, if she didn't let go. Sadie went to "a nice farm in the country" the next day. Good thing.

Poor baby. I'm sure you're giving him lots of tlc.

Anonymous said...

I know jerry, he is the king of the house! he takes a licken & keeps on ticken! That rott is one dead sum bitch! come tonight.
:( :)

Rosie said...

Poor Jerry! I don't know what I would have done. He's just a little guy from what I hear. Maybe we should send Sophie over to be their bodyguard.

Anonymous said...

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