Thursday, February 09, 2006

cast iron

Ok everyone, time to clean out your cabinets.

Do you or any of your parents and/or grandparents have any old cast iron skillets, or other cookware? Apparently they are pretty hot commodities in the world of antiquing. Maybe that's not a surprise to some of you, but I had no idea that old rusty stuff in my cabinets was worth anything.

I find stuff like this at the goodwill store all the time. Now, I think I'm gonna start buying it if I'm lucky enough to find the right brands because a lot of these (especially Griswold or Wagner brand) are selling for a couple hundred dollars a piece.

There's a pretty interesting website called that has pricing info, history, and cleaning instructions. It's full of all sorts of info about old cooking stuff.

There was a dutch oven on ebay going for over $500.00, so if you happen across any of theese items, it might be a good investment.

I'm going to Salvation Army and Goodwill after work. I'll let you all know if I get rich quick from this little mission....wish me luck!!


Rosie said...

I have one!!! My Mom & Dad gave us one when we got married.

They seasoned it and every thing.

I don't use it much because Brent hates using it.

I don't know what Brand it is I will have to look at it.

s-hooks said...

Dang! I threw out an old cast iron skillet with the trash when we moved last. It was big and it had some kind of indented label on it, but I can't remember what the brand was...probably a good thing.

Mom is still mad at me for another pan I threw in the trash about a year ago. It was this huge deep skillet by pampered chef that we got as a wedding present. I threw the dang thing away dirty one time 'cause I was sick and tired of washing it! I don't care if Craig was just making a single egg he'd grab that big ol' thing first before any of the regular skillets! It took up the entire sink when he put it in there and then took up almost the whole bottom rack of the dishwasher!!! Mom won't ever let me forget that. Now, every time I throw something away from the kitchen I clear it with her first!

Andrea said...

I don't have a single pan cast iron skillet, pan or anything. Is that wrong?

Guess I better start looking for cast iron stuff at antique stores!!!

allison said...

I'm kicking myself now too, because I have thrown stuff awaw like that.

Why can't men just take the time to look for the right skillet before they cook ONE EGG!!!! Michael used to do that kind of stuff.

Ryan clears eveything with me in the kitchen now, becuase I freaked out on him once for not putting a paper towel between my teflon skillets...I'm a little obsessive about that. :-)

boneman said...

It took Steve a couple of years to teach me to not super clean the iron skillets, and for that, I hardly used them at all. Teflon was OK....
Gradually, though, I've gotten to where I want the food to cook evenly, and WOW! Iron does just that! Wonderful chow comes off the iron, but a certain amount of care has to be given to the cleaning and using of the things....

Actually, if I could find a set of cheap stainless steele (emphasis on CHEAP) I would rather use them. That ain't gonna happen, though, so ouyr household keeps using the iron.
(OK...I still use the teflon, some. Just don't tell anyone, though, willya? It's not politically correct anymore.)

Andrea said...

Hey Boneman, check out Cuisinart Cookware next time you're in Linen's and Things. Dude they are cheap and I LOVE them!!! Got my favorite pan, a chef's pan for around $40.00 - all stainless steel.

Can't live without the stuff now.