Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Valentine's Surprise

This bright red room seemed perfect for Valentine's Day!!
The room with the red couch is the library right outside our room.

Ryan and I had a great weekend in Logansport, of all places. Sounds kind of weird saying we had a little getaway in Logan, but it turned out to be really nice.

I surprised Ryan and took him to a Bed and Breakfast for a belated Valentine's gift. He had to work Saturday night, so we only stayed Sunday. I would have loved to stay longer....there was so much to see.

We stayed in a B&B called The Inntiquity Inn. It was beautiful. It and the home next to it were originally built in 1849. The building that is used for the B&B was once the dairy barn. They have filled it with antiques from all over the world...it was amazing. The outside of the buliding had a little to be desired, but in the summer, I'm sure it's nice when everything is in bloom.

The inside of the house had beautiful things around every corner. It seemed like I would notice something different every time I went into our room. We had a little study area with a desk and a couple chairs. There was a huge antique bookcase full of books and old knick knacks. There was a huge library with a game board, an enormous selection of movies to take back to the room, and a beautiful marble fireplace. (There were three different fireplaces for us to use) We had a jacuzzi tub, so we enjoyed that after sitting by the fire and playing a little chess and some cards.

We had the entire house to ourselves for the night. The innkeeper, George, was there through the night to get us anything we wanted. All non-alcohlic drinks were included with the room, as was our huge breakfast. There was a restaurant in the bar downstairs, but we decided to go out to eat. The bar on the first floor reminded us both of the bar in the movie "The Shining." It had a lot of character, but it was a little creepy at the same time.

Our breakfast was absolutely delicious!! We walked down to the dining room at about 9:00 to find our table set, and our first course waiting on us. There was fresh fruit cups and a couple different breads. Our cook came out and asked if we wanted the "normal country breakfast." We didn't have menus or know what our other options would be, so we said yes. it was a good choice!! We had some kind of egg, cheese and sausage casserole, sausage patties, more bread, more fruit...it was almost overwhelming!!

Overall, I had a fantastic time, and I hope to go back when we can spend a little more time there. Ii would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a quick little getaway. This place would be great for anyone who likes antiques and talking history....George likes to tell lots of stories if given the chance. The website doesn't do this place justice at all, but this is the website. www.inntiquity.com


s-hooks said...

Wow! Will you be my Valentine next year???!!! That looks like so much fun for a quick getaway!

...still waiting for the jumpsuit.


Andrea said...

You guys do some totally unexpected things! Going to a B&B in Logansport??? Whodda thunk?

Looks like an interesting place!! And heck, who doesn't want to take a trip to Logan from time to time?????

allison said...

Yeah, I'm pretty sure ryan thought I was crazy when he found out we were staying in Logan. But once we were inside the place, it seemed like we were in our own little world...really cool, and suites under $100.00. Can't beat it...they treat you like royalty...just like I like it :-)

Olive_12 said...

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