Tuesday, February 28, 2006

The First Robin

Could it be?

Is it really almost spring?

I saw a robin today. The first one I've seen this year. I was out driving with my Mom, just enjoying the nice weather, and there he was....the first robin of the year.

It seems like there may still be something treacherous waiting around the corner. We haven't been pummelled with snow since before Christmas, and where's the ice been?

Don't get me wrong. I long for warm weather. The kind of weather where I can drive home from work at 11:00 at night and have my windows down enjoying the air and moonlight together.

I hope Mr. Robin isn't deceiving me....I hope he's not too early.........


allison said...

Jen, if you read this, let me know....does the nest bring back any guilty memories????

Andrea said...

I saw a group of robins when I left work last week. One was sitting on a branch and was a big fat one...made me wonder if it was a he or a she????

As I went by I said "Hi Mr. Robin" and "he" flew off.

I can't imagine we won't have one last blast of winter, but if we don't, I won't be disappointed...other than that cute guy that shovels our driveway won't be back til next winter.


s-hooks said...

Yeah, it's almost spring!!

That is the cutest, roundest little Robin!!

boneman said...

Robins been back since half way through January.
And even though they be singing that song of Spring, I gotta mention, it be danged cold outside in the morning time when there aren't any trees or buildings to break the wind.

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