Sunday, February 12, 2006

Thankful for the Little Things

So, I had a little battle with my toilet the other day!! (Isn't it weird how much we've blogged about toilets)

I decided to try out my plumbing skills because my toilet wouldn't flush. I pulled the top off the tank and tried a little handy I'm ready to, here we go, the top is still off the back, the lid is up so I can observe....Yeah, it's flushing...just like it should...but wait, all of a sudden, there's a nice long stream of toilet water shooting like a bullet across my bathroom. The wall is wet, the door is wet, the floor is a total disaster, but you know what.....that dirty ol' toilet water never once touched me!! Not my hands, not my face (YUCK!!)...nothing.

So that is the little thing I'm thankful for........

Moral to this story:
Always make sure the pipe that refills your tank is UNDER the lever for the handle...when the handle goes up, you don't want that pipe going with it!!!!!


allison said...

Yeah, I know, I was giving others in the family a hard time about blogging about toilets not too long's my turn now....and I have a confession. This is actually my 2nd blog entry about toilets....remember the fly target?

s-hooks said...

That's right! This is your second time!! You have no room to talk!

Wow! You are so dang handy! I'm very impressed!! I can't even plunge a toilet right!

Andrea said...

There's a bright side - actually a couple. You're officially a plumber now and at least that niagra like water spout was "clean" water - not already been used water from the actual toilet bowl spraying all over your bathroom. *heave*