Thursday, February 16, 2006

OH, that romantic man of mine!!!

Some of you got roses, some of you got romantic cards, was anyone as lucky as me? Did anyone else get the book called "I Love You More Than Beer" for Valentine's Day? (It's even shaped like a beer reminds me of the old Hamm's beer that Dad used to buy) Coming from Ryan, that means A LOT!!!!!! :-)

So Ryan, being on the tight budget he's on, put together a V-Day basket for me with very little....but it meant a lot!!!

He even decorated the basket himself. He tied ribbons around the handles, and one around the whole basket. There was a little pink tissue paper in the bottom covered with some Hershey Kisses, a green leather journal, the book, and a framed picture of Ryan wearing a PINK....yes, PINK jump suit!!!! It was hysterical!!

At Christmas, I bought my neighbor a hot pink jump suit. When I sent Ryan in to look at the great bargain (like he cared,) he came out of the bedroom wearing it and strutted around the house unzipping the jacket, sticking his sexy little chest out with a look of either terror, or extremely overwhelming pleasure...and I got pictures!!! I had no idea he stole one to use for this occasion. And yes, once again, I did say perfect for Valentine's Day!!!

So, along with the lasting memories I will have from the photo, I have this book.....which is filled with heart felt thoughts from a guy's perspective.

A couple good examples of the contents:
--"I love you more than beer. You taste better than beer (even those pricey microbrews). You're less filling. And when I've had more of you than the law should allow, I can still drive."
--"I love you more than hamburgers. You're juicy and meaty. Your buns are soft, never stale. And you don't need a lot of condiments to be tasty."
--"I love you more than Mcdonald's. You're more delicious than a Big Mac, saltier than a box of fries. And you know that a happy meal doesn't necessarily end with a toy prize."
--"I love you more than old westerns. You're always one of the good guys (even when you're bad!) I'd love to have a showdown with you at high noon. And if you ever showed up in chaps and a white hat, I'd slap my knee and holler "Yee Haw!"

Yeah, and there's 96 more to go with those!!! He's so crazy!!!

There's never a dull moment with this guy!!!! I love my Valentine!!!!!!!


s-hooks said...

Wow! That is really special! He really put some energy and thought into this one! What a great guy!

Ok, so do we get to see the pink jumpsuit picture?????

allison said...

The picture wasn't taken on my digital camera, but if I think about it, I can have it burned onto a disc and then post it...I'll see what I can do!!!

It's definitely worth seeing! :-)

Rosie said...

Can't wait to see it!!

Andrea said...


We HAVE to see the pink jumpsuit picture!!!!!!!!!!!!

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