Saturday, October 07, 2006

Birthday bonfire

Well, I promised to blog some here I go....

We had a bonfire on Monday night for my birthday....we do that a lot, but it's always more fun if there's reason to invite people over.

There weren't many people there, but we had lots of fun anyway!! I had gotten a couple bottle of wine for my birthday, so I worked on those most of the night, and of course the guys were all drinking BEER.....YUCK!!!

Cousin Aaron came over, a few neighbors, and my friend Mandy. We sat by the fire laughing and talking until about midnight, and the boys decided they were out came the RED RYDER BB gun. Yes, it's the same gun as the kid had in "A Christmas Story." Luckily, none of us have shot our eye out ...YET!!!!

After passing it around a few times, my neighbors brought over their BB guns, and we had a shoot out!! OK, not really, we just shot at beer bottles, and the speed limit sign that's right by my house.

What can I say? There's really not much to do in West Middleton on a Monday night, so we burn things and shoot things. Wow, that sounds kinda violent, but I promise it's all in good fun. Cindy's daughter, Konnie, came over for awhile. She's almost sixteen, so she makes fun of us a lot for what we find amusing........I found it rather amusing that I got a picture of her with all the beer bottles at HER feet, and she's not even old enough to drink :-)

Anyway, my birthday celebration just keeps on going!!! This coming weekend we're having a party for Cindy and me. Her birthday is on the 14th, and that was the closest weekend I had off around my we're gonna sing some karaoke and dance until the sun comes up!!!!

Oh yeah...check me out double fistin' the weaponry......I look pretty tough, huh:-)

Did you notice the sawed off BB gun...whoa!!!!!

And then there's Ryan....He knows nothing....I swear!!!!!


Andrea said...

You're so gangsta!!

allison said...

Yeah...that's what I was shootin' pun intended :-)