Wednesday, October 04, 2006

happy birthday to me!!!!

Ryan bought tickets for me for my birthday for another Ekoostik Hookah show in Columbus, Ohio. So, this past Saturday, we started yet another road trip following the SCHWA. (That's what they call their logo which is an upside down lower case "e") So, yes, that's what we do....we follow the SCHWA.

The weather Saturday was a little scary as we were heading into Ohio. There were blue skies on one side of us, and BLACK skies on the other. At one point, the clouds were all swirling around so much that we were sure we were about to see a was beautiful in a really scary way!!!

Just before we got into Columbus, the sun peeked out behind us. It was blinding from my rear view mirror, but it was really cool up against the dark clouds.

After getting into town, we ate dinner with a couple friends at a nice little brewery. Ryan loved that, being the beer connoisseur that he is. After dinner, we headed over to The Newport ( the venue where they had the show.) There was an opening band, but we on ly caught the last couple songs of theirs. They were a local Columbus band called "Guest." I didn't mind their music, but I was so excited to see my boys that I felt like they couldn't quit playing soon enough!!!

I had the chance to talk to Dave (the keyboardist/guitarist/vocalist) for a little while before the show. It's so awesome that these guys are so involed with their fans. Most of us who stand up front at all the shows know eachother's names now, and the band knows all of us too. That makes it so much fun.

I was really excited to hear Eric sing the song "Carabou." That was my birthday wish...just to hear Eric sing...he melts my heart...and he knows it :-) I also got what he called my "birthday picture" with him holding me...I'm so glad Ryan is so understanding about my guilty pleasure!!!!

The show was outstanding. They played several of our favorite songs, and they also covered an old Neil Young tune called "Cripple Creek Ferry," which I absolutely love. My butt and legs are still killing me 4 days later from dancing my tail off. But, hey, it's good exercise!!!

After the show, we went to an after party and hung out with a couple members of the band. Eric was there, so I was in seventh heaven, because I got to hang out with MY MAN!!!! We hung out by a bon fire and had a few drinks. I got to meet several people that I have talked to through the Ekoostik Hookah mailing list, so that was pretty cool. Made a lot of new friends.

We finally made it to bed at about 5:00 A.M. We stayed at our friend Michelle's house, so we didn't have to fork out any money for a hotel room....I'm tellin' ya, it's good gettin' in close with these people. We're in Ohio so much that it's nice to have a few free places to stay when we go there.

Anyway, that was Saturday night, and that was just the beginning of my birthday continued through Monday night. I'll try to blog a little about that for ya later...I've got some fun pictures.

All I know for sure is the fact that I do NOT feel 31 years old...and I'm gonna keep playing as long as my little body will let me!!!!!


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