Saturday, October 21, 2006

Love My Country Drives

One of the things I love about living in the country is the fact that all the people are so friendly. When I'm out on my country drives I love it when another driver passes me and waves. Or you drive past someone walking their dog, or riding their horse, and they wave.

I remember asking my dad as a child, "Did you know them?" when he would wave at someone, and he'd say, "Nope, that's just whatcha do when you're in the country." That makes me smile :-)

One of my biggest pet peeves is when you give someone the right of way in a one lane the bridge on Markland by the jail.....for all you Kokomo folks....and they don't wave. Or you get the right of way and wave at them, but they don't wave back. All I want is a little recognition. Am I really asking too much???

So yeah, that's one of my little thoughts for the day.....I'm gonna go find some nice country folks to wave to on my way home.........


enN2sp said...

When ever I have to sub on a bus (because all the teacher's aids have to ride a bus to and from school) every bus driver I have worked with wave at everyone.

But your right not everyone waves back.

allison said...

Yeah, the bus drivers in the country are always really friendly too!!!

s-hooks said...

That's one thing I miss about the country too. Uncle Robby's right, it's just what you do.

Driving under that dang bridge over by the sheriff dept drives me nuts. Sometimes if you let one person come through the whole line of cars zoom right in behind and other times they alternate. And it floods over there all the time! Is that RR track even used anymore?

Andrea said...

I love country drives. Especially when you run across that sweet smell out in the country. Is that from the corn? Anyway I love that smell. Where's the Bath & Body Works lotion for that smell anyway?

I think Beepo passed his love of driving on to my mom and your dad and they passed it on to us.

Mom and I saw a meteor once and thought it landed out by Burlington. So we drove all over heck's half acre looking for that meteor. Turns out it landed in Montana or North Dakota. Not really all that close to Burlington afterall.

BUT! We got a heck of a good country drive out of it.

allison said...

wouldn't that have been totally cool if the meteor really landed in Burlington

It was in Montana????? That's hilarious!!!!